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Considering adopting a psuedonym?

Posted at 8:19 AM on April 23, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

Play the name game (not the catchy sing-song name game) with Dale Connelly on Trial Balloon.

Hurry, the psuedonmyms are flying off the shelf:

"I have an alias in the fall of every year. I am "The Coat Lady" (googled it at your suggestion, Dale... nobody else seems to be using it). I run a large coat program at my church every fall..."
- Posted by sherrilee

"I had a job where I checked farmer's fields using an insect net. I got the name Bug Man given to me when some one saw me doing this. The coffee shop "jokers" thought it was funny to call me Bug Man. I didn't mind."
- Posted by Jim

"Long after my ex left, I was stil known as the "rich lawyer's wife" (RICH???? I wonder when that was?). Day care kids called me "Cyncia" (works for me). Some names shall remain unspoken."
- Posted by cynthia in mahtowa

Call dibs on your own moniker now.

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