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Book review: "Shelter Half"

Posted at 3:30 PM on November 18, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Freshly featured on mnreaders.gather.com: Bruce Henricksen wrote a brief review of Carol Bly's last book, "Shelter Half." Henricksen describes the base of the story:

"Shelter Half" is a portrait of life in a small town in Northern Minnesota. It is incidentally the story of a murder discovered on its opening page, but it is primarily about people failing or succeeding to live decently with one another. We see the life of the town through the eyes of a number of representative characters, the cop and the rector, the town bully and the town doctor, and a marvelously realized do-gooder who only in the end realizes that he has not done good at all. Bly imagines her world not just once, but as it exists in the minds of each of these characters. The different points of view are held together by the question of the murder, and by other recurring events and projects within the town. This is a novel of great craft and great moral imagination.
Read the rest of his review for yourself, and share your own comments on the book.

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