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Musicheads and the case of underrated artists

Posted at 8:36 AM on June 5, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Each week Bill DeVille and the guests cover some of the latest releases, but they also open a discussion question. This week the Musicheads host a roll call: Name a past or present artist who never got the credit they deserved. Some answers:

"My #1 in this category is, The Suburbs. From 1980-1986 or so they were about the Best local band in Minneapolis, maybe just my opinion. They did put on a great live show." - Tim M.

" I gotta go with.... King's X.... one of those bands who were always inspiring others (almost all of the seattle grunge scene were fans) but they never seemed to break out... maybe it was that they were too hard to put in a box.. to smart for metal, to metal for the smart listeners, to pop for metal heads, and to metal for pop fans... but as with all bands of their ilk, they will be remembered and rediscovered over and over and over..." - Eric P.

"[...] Kate Bush, P.J. Harvey and Siouxsie Sioux can really sing yet we give posers like Mariah Carey, Britney and Christina millions. No justice." - Ketut M.

The Suburbs (link goes to Minnewiki) get a lot of love in the discussion, but there are more bands flying under the radar or artists getting attention but no respect. Chime in with your own answer.

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