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What's the first show you ever went to? Tell the Musicheads.

Posted at 7:48 AM on January 30, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Musicheads host and DJ Bill DeVille kicks off a new segment this week to uncover life's music-related experiences. This week, Tony Lopez, Danny Sigelman, and Bill answered, "What's the first show you ever went to?"

Now they want your answers. Come out in the open and tell the story of your first music or rock-n-roll live show. There are some revealing answers in the online discussion already, including this gem from Frick, a regular contributor:

"That's an easy one. KISS, The 'Love Gun' Tour, 1977 St. Paul Civic Center with Michael Des Barre's crummy band 'Detective' opening. We were sitting on stage left (Gene's side) in the side section, about halfway up. You could still feel the heat from the flame blasts that far away. I wasn't quite 12 yet."

That's quite an introduction to live rock-n-roll.

* Join the conversation and share your first show experience, whether it was transcendent or trashy.
* Listen to the Musicheads podcast for their answers.

Looking for a dinner recipe?

Posted at 3:58 PM on January 30, 2008 by Julia Schrenkler

Lynne Rossetto Kasper and company are offering them right on your Google Homepage with their Splendid Table Recipe Google Gadget. It isn't imperative you have an iGoogle page to use the gadget, because you can add Google Gadgets to the classic Google page.

The information page walks you through it step-by-step...just like a good recipe.

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