Sunday, November 29, 2015

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Midmorning: U.S. population and economics undressed

Posted at 7:39 AM on October 13, 2006 by Bill Wareham

People who can count higher than I say that the U.S. is just days away from hitting 300 million people. At 9 a.m., Midmorning's Kerri Miller explores the implications of the population landmark. Kerri's guests will be Brad Knickerbocker, a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor who recently wrote a series of articles on the U.S. population clock reaching 300 million. Also, Carl Haub, a senior demographer with the Population Reference Bureau in Washington, DC.

At 10 a.m., Kerri's guest is economist Charles Wheelan. Wheelan, author of Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science, says you don't need to be to understand the basic principles of economics. He joins Midmorning to discuss his thoughts on the U.S. Economy, and to share some of his ideas for making better public policy.