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NWA flight attendants allowed to strike

Posted at 12:26 PM on August 17, 2006 by Bill Wareham

From the AP:

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A federal bankruptcy judge today denied a Northwest Airlines request to block a strike by its flight attendants that could begin as soon as August 25th.

Northwest is promising an immediate appeal.

Judge Allan Gropper in New York wrote that he does not have the authority to block a strike, as Northwest had requested.

Flight attendants have said they may begin random, unannounced strikes after 9:01 p.m. Central time on August 25th unless Northwest negotiates a new contract with them. Northwest imposed pay cuts and work rules on flight attendants last month after they voted down a negotiated settlement.

The airline has argued that a strike could kill it if enough passengers flee to other airlines.

I walked past biz reporter Jeff Horwich a moment ago and he was busy working the phones. Stay tuned for his reports through the afternoon.