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MSPIFF: Food Inc

Posted at 5:46 PM on April 26, 2009 by Euan Kerr

"Food Inc" the new documentary by Robert Kenner won't surprise anyone who has read the work of Michael "Omnivores' Dilemma" Pollan or Eric "Fast Food Nation" Schlosser. However the movie, executive produced by local lad Bill Pohlad, still packs a punch as it dissects the state of the food supply in the US.

The film presents the idea that the effort to produce more food has had a series of unforeseen consequences which are now more detrimental than beneficial to the public good. Large corporations control much of the food supply, so the profits come at the expense of farmers, public health, and the planet.

The film is well shot and Pollan, Schlosser and a host of other interviewees tell compelling stories, including a mother who tells the heart rending tale of how she lost her on to e coli after he ate a tainted burger.

What is unfortunate is the corporations declined to be interviewed for "Food Inc." With the obesity epidemic only getting worse, and questions about how the political system shapes agriculture through the farm bill, a full and frank debate can only help.

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