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Evil Dead hangover

Posted at 12:03 PM on December 2, 2008 by Euan Kerr (2 Comments)

So I watched "Evil Dead" and "Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn" pretty much back-to-back on Sunday, and it was as close as I have come to a hangover in some time. That was a lot of blood, guts and Bruce Campbell at one sitting. I now have "Army of Darkness" to go, and of course the new one "My Name is Bruce."

I got into an interesting conversation with my colleague Mary Burke about wether you need to see "Evil Dead" before "Evil Dead II" given that the second film is a comic recreation of the first, plus a whole lot more. The second film is a much better made flick, and Campbell says himself that he winces when he sees the original, particularly the first half, as he is clearly learning how to act during those early scenes.

Yet I found myself wondering if the the sequel would even make sense without seeing the first one. Which raises the question as to whether sense and Evil Dead can or should be used in the same sentence.

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