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Context helps

Posted at 6:17 AM on April 2, 2008 by Euan Kerr

The college trip continues, and as sometimes happens on the road, a strange confluence occurred.

After a drenched tour of one popular eastern college we returned to the admissions office for the obligatory information session, when a woman walked into the lobby who I instantly recognized.

Or rather I thought I recognized. For a moment I thought she was one of our distant neighbors, from down the block where a couple of houses have turned over in the last couple of years. I was going to say hi, and wasn't it amazing that we had bumped into each other so far from St Paul, when I realized it wasn't a neighbor.

But who was she?

Then I remembered. She is a star in a long-running TV series that everyone in the US has seen at least once. I'm not going to name her, nor the college, because it's not really important.

What was intriguing though was the way people reacted to her. As she walked through the room (and later through campus,) people's heads turned and people looked really puzzled. One woman turned to her friend and said aloud "I know her. Where do I know her from?"

Some people remembered. Others came close, ("Was she the woman who played Queen Elizabeth on 'Blackadder?')

The challenge was she was completely out of context. We all recognized her, and felt some sort of kinship with her, but didn't know how.

She asked really good questions during the info session, and seemed quite intrigued by the college film program. she also smiled sweetly at everyone who stared. Such is the lot of a star.

And no-one asked for an autograph.

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