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Watching each other during "28 weeks later"

Posted at 10:17 AM on October 31, 2007 by Euan Kerr

Having said I am not a great fan of horror flicks, I just keep watching them. The other night Malcolm the 16 year old and I settled down to some father and son time with "28 Weeks Later" which just came out on DVD.

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's sequel to Danny Boyle and Alex Garland's nightmare vision "28 Days Later" amps up the action and manages to weave in a little thread about the strength of family bonds. The epidemic of 'the Rage,' a plague which almost instantly turns anyone who comes into contact with another victim into a blood-crazed monster, has emptied Britain. All the victims have starved to death, and now under the watchful eyes of a US peacekeeping unit, all armed to the teeth, London is slowly being repopulated.

Donald Harris (Robert Carlyle) is one of the small number of survivors and he's ecstatic to be reunited with his children Tammy and Andy who were vacationing in France when the rage hit. He has to explain what happened to Alice, his wife and their mother, who was killed by the infected. They now face the task of trying to re-build their lives.

Of course the disease isn't all gone, and soon the Harris family is plunged back into the nightmare. It's fast actioned and at times bloody stuff, all against the backdrop of abandoned London. Once the disease is loose, it spreads rapidly and everyone has to watch everyone else with suspicion because a split-second is all it takes to change a friend, or a family member, into homicidal maniac.

And the only way to stop them is to do them in. Usually with blunt force.

So there we are, me and the Malcolm, sitting in the dark, and eying each other. "Would he? Might he?"

Now that's horror movie.

A happy Hallowe'en to all.

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