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So what do you do while you watch?

Posted at 3:33 PM on August 29, 2007 by Euan Kerr

In a comment from on a posting about the cycling movie "A Sunday in Hell" Bob Hanson remarked on how it's a great motivational movie to watch while training on a stationary bike.

Which got me thinking.

The video and the DVD has freed us of the societal constraints of the public auditorium. So what are people doing while they watch movies?

A friend of mine has set up a treadmill in his basement beside a TV and a DVD player. He runs miles while watching movies. It's an intriguing idea, although I wonder just how high you need to crank the volume to hear the dialog over your grunts and wheezes. (This may just be an issue with my style of running however.) Perhaps a set of headphones might help.

So rowing, cycling and elliptical machines are all possibilities. But what else?

There are the old domestic standbys: laundry ironing and folding, knitting, and eating. I have heard of people who read, or say they read, while watching movies, and there are all the multi-tasking opportunities provided by phones and laptops.

And who hasn't sung or danced along with a favorite musical?

There are also all the activities which might fall under the banner of 'romantic and beyond,' but I'll leave those aside as this is a family blog.

But with that proviso in mind, I am really curious as to what whacky things people are doing out there to augment their movie viewing pleasure.

So share with the world, by adding a comment. Who knows, you may be an inspiration, and change other people's movie habits forever!

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