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The nice folks behind "Intolerable"

Posted at 6:45 PM on March 8, 2007 by Euan Kerr

Alison Maclean and David Rackoff are pleasant people. Rackoff is best known as a fine essayist, and is a regular contributor to "This American Life." Maclean is a film director who asked her friend Rackoff if he would play a diablolical casting director who auditions unsuspecting actors.

His instructions? Each actor who comes in is asked to imagine a situation where they would want to flee, then act it out. The scene is to end after they quit the room and run down the corridor outside. They are told not to return. Maclean film both the auditions and the reactions from the crowd of people waiting for their audition outside.

The aim originally was to do a four minute short, but after two days of filming, and 100 auditions, Maclean says she had such good material she couldn't limit it that much. Maclean and Rackoff will introduce the resulting film, "Intolerable," at the Women With Vision festival at the Walker on Saturday.

We'll air our interview with the "Intolerable" duo tomorrow night on All Things Considered. But you can hear a little sample here.

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