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The ones that got away

Posted at 10:51 AM on December 27, 2006 by Euan Kerr

It used to be that if you missed a film in the theaters you were pretty much out of luck until it turned up on TV or appeared in some retrospective somewhere. Those days are long gone of course, and now a theater run is really just publicity for the video rental and DVD sales market.

So now here's an opportunity for another list: the ones which won't get away twice!

1) A Scanner Darkly:Richard Linklater shot Phillip K. Dick's novel of an addicted world on digital video with a host of Hollywood stars and then had 50 animators put it through a rotoscoping process.

2) Idiocracy: The Mike Judge film Fox only opened in 8 theaters. It's shown once here at a midnight show. Destined to become a cult classic from what I hear.

3) United 93: When it came out in the theaters I frankly wasn't ready for a September 11th film. From all reports it sounds like an amazing movie though and it's time to see it.

4) The Queen: Being a Scot I have deep conflicts about the Windsors. I have no such qualms about Helen Mirren. "The Queen" was just one of those flicks we never quite got round to in the Kerr household.

5) The Protector: This one didn't do so well at the box office, but it stars Tony Jaa who was amazing in Ong Bak, so it has to be worth a look. Reportedly it contains the single longest uncut martial arts fight ever filmed, a scene which moves through several floors of a building.

What are you chasing at the video store?

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