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You never forget your first.... (Bond that is)

Posted at 3:52 PM on November 8, 2006 by Euan Kerr

Some of us celebrated the first post-election day (a traditional day of rest and repose for many journalists) by taking in the new Bond movie: "Casino Royale." It's the Bond movie with the new Bond: Daniel Craig

The movie doesn't open until the 17th, and we have at least one blog mistress, the esteemed Julia Schrenkler who has begged those in the know not to reveal anything to her as she wants to approach the film untrammeled. (The exact quote in her e-mail is: "with closed eyes, covered ears, and my mouth yapping idonwannaknowshshshshsh.")

So, no spoilers here.

However seeing Craig in screen, does make me think of poor old George Lazenby. He was the Australian who took over the Bond character after Sean Connery announced he was done with 007. Lazenby played Bond for just one film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service."

Apparently it didn't go very well on the set, and even though the film is considered the best of the Bond movies by many people, it didn't do well with the audences who just wanted more Sean. Lazenby announced soon after it was released that he was moving on. He said later he got some bad advice, and he regretted relinquishing the role.

Now everyone has a view on which Bond is the best. They can't all be right.

I was 9 (almost 10) when "OHMSS" came out, and I remember being swept away by the cool glamor of the whole thing. My parents had not taken me to any of the Connery Bonds, and this was long before the BBC started playing them on TV.

So for me Lazenby was, and still is to a certain extent, James Bond. This is a terrible thing for a Scot to say, especially one who lived not far from where Connery used to deliver milk in Edinburgh before he broke into acting.

But Lazenby was my first. He is special, and no-one can take his place.

And for that reason alone I hope Mr Craig decides to stick with the role for a while. A Bond who makes a single movie can only leave disappointed and scarred adolescents. That's a terrible burden to bear.

(I'm not counting the first "Casino Royale" though. It had at least three James Bonds, David Niven, Peter Sellars, and Woody Allen and so can't count.)

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