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Euan Kerr was born into the movies in a way, at least the presentation side of the business. His grandfather and great-uncle started what was to become the largest independent chain of cinemas in Scotland. His grandfather once claimed to be better than Napoleon because he had two empires: one in Dundee and one in Coatbridge. Euan didn't go into the family business, but his first job was tearing tickets at the Edinburgh Film Theater. It didn't pay much, but allowed him to see movies for free.

Throughout his journalistic career, Euan has pursued his interest in film, interviewing many directors, actors, and screenwriters including Richard Attenborough, Dennis Hopper, Tilda Swinton, Hector Babenco, Tom Stoppard, Sally Pillsbury, Bill Forsyth, and Neil Jordan. Nowadays he wishes he could go out to see more movies, but has to settle all too often for the DVD and the couch at home.

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