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Magicians love themselves. Do you love them back?

Posted at 4:40 PM on March 5, 2007 by Jeff Horwich

"Who cares," you say? Good question. (For my next trick, I will now magically ignore it.)

cuffs34.jpgSanden blogged the other day about how various jobs rank in prestige -- firefighters, doctors, and scientists are up there. (Stockbrokers, realtors, journalists are down at the bottom.) Of course, what others think about your job feeds into how well you like what you do.

In a LoopHole comment, someone playfully asked about...magicians. Through some oversight, they didn't cover magicians in the original USA Today poll.

Do people respect magicians? Do they have high levels of job satisfaction? ("Who cares," you say? Stop that.)

Magician Brad Ross - whose web site describes him as "both friendly & dazzling at the same time" - is clearly in the right career: "I love my job and I hope it shows in my work." (Judge for yourself in his online video. That's Brad in that picture above, from

Ditto for Cesar The Magician. He works somewhat smaller venues-- kids' birthday parties in New Jersey -- but nonetheless declares, "I love my job--I am a smile-creator, a laugh-maker!" Rock on, Cesar.

david_blaine.jpgBut what about the rest of us? Do we love magicians, or hate them? Some guy in Iowa was harassed by a magician as he stumbled drunk out of a bar one night, and so he now claims to hate them categorically (warning -- the language behind that link is a little blue). Another random blogger claims to hate them after watching this card trick.

One magician who seems to be dangerously lowering the overall prestige of the job, so to speak, is David Blaine (at left, in his water bubble). There is considerable debate out there about whether he remains worthy of the title, "magician."

Personally, I think a magician's respectability is inversely related to the number of flashy hand gestures he makes on stage (sorry, Brad Ross).

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