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Weekly Recap

Posted at 2:23 PM on April 18, 2008 by Michael Marchio (1 Comments)

Another very productive week for your lawmakers. With the 17 bills signed by T-Paw, the points are really starting to come in. Lets take a look around the MFL.

Gold League -

Minnetonka Redress is holding strong at #1, addiing some 400 points this week to bring their total to 2,967. bemidji beavers, Highland Politics, Caucus-O-Raucous! and the Know Spin Zone, in that order, holding their positions, but the Sausage Makers had a great week, jumping from 1,185 to 2,011. Its like they kidnapped Ann Rest from the Minnetonka Redress or something. Nice job, Sausage Makers.

Maroon League -

The But For Test and All Else Equals are still one and two, but The Ex-Pats are the big story here this week, getting three bills signed by the governor and earning nearly 500 points. Blue BMW and the Lawsages topped Sweaters not Suitcoats and the Second Readings, which despite their awesome name, fell to #7.

Green League -

id10t held their top spot, leading Mary Jane Sieben's Healthy Gophers by some 700 points, but the other Healthy Gophers team, led by Elizabeth Tobias, is closing in, earning a quick 400 points this week and bringing them within 200 points of second place. Its a test for Health Gopher superiority, we'll see who wins. Victory 08 switched spots with The Rump Group, but mostly things stayed the same here.

Red League -

Literally every team in this league held its place, but the teams with the best performance were Brod Appeal, winning 400 points on 4 bills getting signed, Falcons of Justice and The Bill Pushers each with 500. Holding steady isn't exciting, but it means teams are all keeping up with each other. Not a bad week.

Blue League -

Blue Thunder held the #1 spot, but this league is really anyones for the taking. The Party Party and House Call both topped the Wobblers, but all of the teams in the top four are separated by only 200 points total. A strong showing by any of them next week could give them the top spot. Purple Quadrigas also did well, moving past the political ninjas. Next week, with T-Paw getting more bills to sign, should create some distance, maybe.

Purple League -

Legislicious broke 3,000 points this week. They've got a pretty solid team over there, with two top ten lawmakers Sens. Linda Higgins and Mee Moua, and Linda Berglin whose health care bill, if it gets signed, will probably put her in the top ten too. Obamazons had a much better week in MFL than their namesake did in that debate, earning 600 points. The Fighting Mongooses also hopped up a spot over junkymonkey.

Orange League -

Teams at the top scored really well this week, with Outstaters and The Rudy G.'s both earning about 600 points. Curlybro's Congress only (only, ha!) had 300, but still did well enough to hold their second spot. The Left Flank topped the Veto Gals, but things mostly held steady here too.

Yellow League -

Attack of the DFL had four bills signed by the guv, building a commanding 800 point lead over their nearest rival, Caucusing Fool, who themselves had a pretty good week, moving up from #3 to #2. VolatileOrganicCompounds moved down to three, but they're still close enough to win this thing if they have a good week or two. GameTime and Solid Mercury both moved up a couple spots too.

Brown League -

Ultraliberal Elite had 6 bills signed, bringing them up to 3,708, for the best score in the Brown League and second only to the Capitol Punishers in the entire MFL. Well done, but the Indefatigable bill carriers are nothing to scoff at either, earning about 500 themselves. The Commish saw some trash talking between the Ultraliberal Elite and the Indefatigable Bill Carriers in the comments, and he's all for it. No New Taxes, at #5, had a good week too, getting three bills signed by T-Paw

Black League -

Capitol Punishers hold the MFL record again this week, with 3,848 points. The next closest team, Farmers 4 No Lobby, are at 2,061. After that it gets closer, but the Punishers are running away with this one.

Grey League -

If the MFL had a pro-bowl, the BSU Poliscientists would be on it too. They're at 3,434 points and the top of the Grey League, and the Strange Bedfellows are holding strong at #2 with 2,718. Polisci 2nd Semester and the CyberHouse Players also did will, moving into the #3 and #4 spots, overtaking the Bush League Bombers.

White League -

Again, this league's rankings stayed the same, with each team tacking about 100 or so points to their total. I took a look, and it doesn't seem like anyone has drafted Sen. Linda Higgins? C'mon White League managers, somebody pick her up.

Good show, MFL managers. Next week, we'll be having a floor-a-palooza on an issue yet to be determined by the Commish. I'll let you know when I find a good one.

Comments (1)

To continue the trash talking...

Make that around 850 points.

And to continue the Bruce Campbell trash talking lines, Carriers..

"Gimme some sugar, baby."


The Ultraliberal Elite

Posted by Aaron | April 18, 2008 5:57 PM