Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Floor-a-palooza starts now

Posted at 3:44 PM on April 28, 2008 by Michael Marchio (1 Comments)

The floor-a-palooza for SF3001, Rep. Mariani's omnibus education policy bill starts now. Watch here.

3:49 - Rep. Mariani, the chair of the Education Committee, is giving shout-outs right now for all the hard work people did on the bill. The amendments are being passed out as he speaks. There's an awful lot of white paper floating around in this chamber, not a good sign for lawmakers looking to make it home for dinner.

3:53 - Rep. Garofalo racks the first points.

3:57 - Rep. Seifert is offering an amendment to say that schools can't shorten school day any more than it already is. He's saying that one of the pages told him that the school buses leave at 1:55 p.m.

4:00 - Rep. Seifert is telling lawmakers to think about all the stuff that's happened since they were in school, and that kids now need to learn all that in addition, so they shouldn't be leaving earlier. "We're gonna ask our kids to have a 21st century education, but we're going to let them out at 1:55 in the afternoon?"

4:09 - There will be a roll call on it. Rep. Mariani said local school districts should have control over this. Reps. Lyndon Carlson and Bud Heidgerken just gave speeches, points for their teams.

4:17 - Minority Leader Seifert's really hammering away on this one. I'll be interested in seeing what this vote ends up like.

4:24 - Rep. Otremba asked whether it applies to home schools. Sounds like it doesn't affect home schools, according to Rep. Seifert. Points for her.

4:28 - Rep. Wardlow is saying that when he was a teacher, he wanted more time with his students, not less, and to support the bill. Rep. Haws, also a former teacher, got up and earned himself some points for his team too.

4:33 - Here's the vote: 59-72 not adopted. The Commish actually thought this one was going to be closer than that.

4:39 - Rep. Demmer is asking to amend the School Finance Reform task force provision of the bill to find out what inequities that cause schools to hold referendums to raise money and recommend state financing changes to eliminate these inequalities. Seems like this one might be going somewhere.

4:55 - Reps. Hilstrom and Greiling are on the board, giving speeches about the task force. The amendment was defeated though, 56-75.

5:03 - Rep. Holberg is targeting turf. She just offered an amendment to use schools health and safety revenue fund to evaluate the health and environmental impact of astroturf. I'd assume this means injuries that people suffer while playing on it. Interesting. The House adopted it on a voice vote.

5:08 - Rep. Brod is offering an amendment that would allow schools to charge a fee for the transportation of charter school students participating in extracurricular activities in their regular schools. For example, if a charter school has no basketball team, and a student wants to play, then they could play with the regular school in their area, but would have to pay a fee to the regular school. There's a roll call on this one, and it passes 69 to 62.

5:22 - Rep. Garofalo just offered an amendment banning state funding for sexual education on abortions for couples in same sex relationships. No, no, he was just kidding. He actually wants to withdraw the state's participation in No Child Left Behind. The Commish likes jokes in the form of amendments, so Rep. Garofalo is earning his points today.

Comments (1)

Actually, the turf amendment might be about lead content in fake turf - it's been in the news the last couple of weeks.

Posted by Aaron | April 28, 2008 10:44 PM