Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Floor-a-palooza liveblog: Part 2

Posted at 2:19 PM on April 3, 2008 by Michael Marchio

Check out Part 1 of the thread here.

2:14 - There is an intra-DFL argument breaking out right now. Apparently Rep. Simon asked for a hearing on a bill that would have done what Rep. DeLaForest's amendment does, and he was never granted one. Rep. Sandy Wollschalager just piped up - a rarity - and expressed her disappointment that a budget bill was becoming a budget and policy bill.

2:20 - Rep. DeLaForest's amendment failed, 62 to 68. The breakdown will be up on VoteTracker later.

2:24 - Rep. Finstad just described himself as a simple man with a simple question. He asked Rep. Carlson whether its a policy bill, or a finance bill. Rep. Carlson says its a budget bill, but any bill before the body can have policy inserted into it.

2:27 - There's the phrase: Garbage bill. Rep. Finstad says that this is a garbage bill. I think the gloves are dropping.

2:32 - Rep. Olson is asking for a role call on his amendment, which would request House Research strip all the policy from the bill.

2:35 - Rep. Olson said with his amendment, he's trying to prevent the embarassment of the institution by passing the bill in the shape it's in. The irony of that statement seems to be lost on him. It does not pass 54-77.

2:48 - Rep. Olson is filibustering about the constitutionality of a budget/policy bill, and so the Commish is taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of the House chamber. Some of my favorite things at the Capitol are the little witticisms by people like Daniel Webster and Abraham Lincoln that are painted on the walls of the chambers and the hallways. Above the Speakers lectern, there's one that says "The trail of the pioneer bore the footprints of liberty." That has a pretty good ring to it. Another, says "Vox Populorum Est Vox Dei," which if the Commish is up on his Latin, means the voice of the people is the voice of God. That one's okay, but the my favorite Latin political phrase has to be "E Pluribus Unum." Its kind of sad we debased it by putting it on money, but it means "From many, one." Its pretty cool that the Founding Fathers basically described the melting pot that America would become right then and there. That isn't what they had in mind, they were talking about colonial unity for one government, but still.

2:54 - You have to give Mark Olson credit for persistence.

3:00 - Rep. Olson is finished for the moment, and Rep. Julie Bunn has offered an amendment on landfill regulations. Minority Leader Seifert asked how that is germane, other than the fact that this is a garbage bill - zing!

3:13 - The Governor just said that the current finance bill is unacceptable. He may not like the bill, but I like the way your lawmakers are racking up points today. I have a list of about 25 so far, and this is probably nowhere near done.

3:33 - Rep. Bunn's amendment passed, but Rep. Hoppe is proposing one that would strip that whole subdivision out of the bill. From what I gather, it would require landfills to have independent laboratory tests done when they apply for a permit to make sure that certain chemicals aren't leaking into groundwater.

3:59 - They're still talking about the landfill provisions. Rep. Dill just stood up and said to everyone "Welcome to the Environment Policy Committee. It has 134 members now." The fact that the House has spent nearly an hour on this provision probably is a good argument for why policy shouldn't be in the finance bill.

4:02 - Whoa, someone just asked to suspend the rules so that the House can meet after midnight. If they do that, the Commish is going to need to start self-medicating. Minority Leader Seifert says no way, that the legislature should be meeting when the media and the public and daylight are still present.