Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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A Senate sweep

Posted at 8:12 AM on May 5, 2007 by Bob Collins

Gov. Pawlenty signed 6 MFL bills (and 1 omnibus bill) on Friday; the most number of bills he's signed in a single day this session. That means big points for the Senate "players," who swept all of the signings.

SF1787 (Workers compensation coverage federal exclusions information requirement) with points to Sen. Ron Latz. SF1735 (Radon control provisions adoption requirement) spread the love around to Sens. Higgins; Sieben; Latz; Wiger. SF1790 (Adverse health care events reporting requirements modifications) gives Sen. David Hann his first GOV points of the session. SF1266 ( Hospital emergency rooms emergency treatment and information to sexual assault victims requirements) gave GOV points to five legislators -- Marty, Berglin, Pappas, and the first GOV points to rookies Erickson Ropes and Torres Ray.

Also signed was SF321 (Independent nonprofit firefighting corporations joint powers agreements inclusion), which was a solo round-tripper for Sen. Betzold. SF1920 ( Miscellaneous financial institutions provisions modifications) capped the week for Sens. Sparks; Metzen; Scheid; Gerlach; Skogen.

Waivers: Four transactions this week. Minnetonka (Gold League) dropped Sen. Tom Neuville in favor of Sen. Debbie Johnson. This one puzzled me since Neuville delivered more points in 3 weeks to 'tonka than Johnson has accumulated all year. Manager George Linkert says Johnson's name is on a bill the governor is about to sign.

Drum and Fife Statesmen dropped Rep. Rob Eastlund and is going with Senate President Jim Metzen. In 1 full month with the Statesmen, Eastlund delivered only 5 points (one bill hearing). Ouch. The Statesmen, in the second round of Saturday's draft, add Rep. Scott Kranz and cut Rep. Bernie Lieder. I believe Kranz is joining a team for the first time this season. Which reminds me, in baseball they expand rosters in the last part of the season, what if -- if there is a next year -- we expanded the rosters on May 1 to 10?

House Call tweaked the lineup, adding much-traveled Sen. Terri Bonoff to the team that started the season with her, and dropping Rep. Steve Simon. Simon, like most House members who are dealing with omnibus bills, was a disappointing contributor to House Call. Only 40-some points in 7 weeks of action.