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Vet legislation

Posted at 7:51 AM on March 9, 2007 by Bob Collins (1 Comments)

As Nancy G., has been documenting this session, there's several pieces of legislation directed toward Minnesota veterans and, in particular, active-duty personnel. All of them, it seems to me, are doing pretty well. One in particular has been a big point-getter. HF532 has had many committee stops and has another one -- possibly its final one before going to the House floor -- today.

The House Veterans Affairs Division holds a hearing on it this morning at 8 -- a few minutes from when I'm writing this. This bill is a consumer protection bill that allows military service personnel to get out of contracts when they're called away, and also requires the state's utilities to arrange payment plans for military personnel.

Looking for points? If any of these folks are available in your league, might want to grab 'em. Reps. Winkler, Lieder, Dominguez, Koenen, Erhardt, Moe, Scalze, Abeler, Kalin, Lillie, Ruud.

I see immediate action on the House floor in my crystal ball. There's no Senate companion so it should accumulate points in the other chamber. And there's no way Gov. Pawlenty doesn't sign this baby immediately upon getting it.

By the way, at 8:30 there's live TV coverage of a hearing into conditions at the Minnesota Veterans Home. Don't miss that one.

Comments (1)

Veterans bills are rolling along to an Omnibus Bill.

I missed the Senate hearing, but watched the House hearing live. The House had not heard from the Vets Homes in the past two years like the Senate Committees did, so they had an opportunity to grill the Home Board members on the problems at the home. They'll be back for a more detailed look into what happened to the $4 Million dollars that the legislature appropriate for staffing in 2006 that resulted in 1.5 registered nurses being added to the staff.

Posted by Nancy G | March 9, 2007 5:28 PM