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Let's waiver!

Posted at 8:01 AM on March 2, 2007 by Bob Collins (4 Comments)

There probably will be almost no action in the MFL today, what with the Legislature pretty much shut down tight. I'll probably dig up some points when Session Weekly and Senate Briefing comes out later today (at least I think it'll be out today). I've updated the power rankings and the standings but haven't republished the league roster pages. And the smoking bill passage in the House committee yesterday is not included in the points lists. It will be on the next update.

Today at 5 is the deadline for this week's waiver draft. There's some great free agents out there!

In other news...

1) Please be sure to read -- and comment on -- Nancy G's commentary on the Vet Home woes. It's quite sobering.

2) As you know, I've been trying to identify franchises that aren't being actively managed to see if their managers would like to make them available to others. We've gotten a couple of new managers. But it looks like there are two more teams available: Royal Flush and Breezy Badgers. If you're interested in grabbing either one of these MFL franchises -- c'mon, you can turn 'em around -- drop me a line.

I'm going to draft some new "players" onto both squads today to keep them competitive.

Comments (4)

I'd be happy to pick up a team if you have any available!

Posted by Matt Toburen | March 2, 2007 8:47 AM

Royal Flush or Breezy Badgers. Take your pick, Matt.

Posted by Bob Collins | March 2, 2007 9:29 AM


Nancy Gaertners comments regarding the care, (or lack of), of our Veterans are further validated by the recently aired ABC documentary that followed the recovery of injured journalist Bob Woodruff. If you missed the show, it is available for viewing on ABC's website. It is extremely troubling for a number of reasons. I would strongly urge anyone who hasn't seen the show to give it a view. Be prepared to feel a sense of outrage.

On the MFL front, I have had some interesting conversations with a couple of Legislators and some other folks this past week regarding the relevancy of the MFL. Too many points to cover in this post but a couple of points are worth mentioning.

First, as a general rule, it appears to me that the MFL points system is a pretty accurate reflection as to the effectiveness and work ethic of individual legislators, especially when one compares the top point producers versus the bottom dozen or so of point producers. There is a "hard" news story there for some journalist to pursue. How is it that on a weekly basis many legislators sign on to numerous bills, appear before committees, actively participate in the committees they serve on, push initiatives from their home districts, and regularly "cross the aisle" while others appear to be missing in action?
Obviously there are many legislative duties that aren't reflected in the MFL point system but the point disparities among certain legislators are worthy of an explanation.

Secondly, are there any educators out there using the MFL as a teaching tool for their students?

That's all for now.

Mike Simpkins

Posted by mike simpkins | March 2, 2007 1:18 PM

Comments on Bob Woodruff:

The ABC News anchor suffered traumatic brain injury in Iraq, like many military personnel. He received treatment at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and still returns there to visit other patients, and also goes to Walter Reed Army Hospital. Unlike military personnel who suffer through a review board process to determine if their branch of military service will award them a service-connected disability that results in disability income, Bob Woodruff probably never worried about having ABC cut off his salary, or terminate his employment, even though his disability rendered him unable to perform the duties of a network news anchor while he learned how to speak again.

Comments on MFL as an indicator of a legislator's effectiveness:

The bottom 15 in the power ranks includes Marty Seifert, Erik Paulson, Steve Sviggum, and Dick Day. Senator Day must be concentrating on his new golf hobby. He's expressed intent to run for Congress in MN-1. That would give voting citizens an opportunity to promote him to a federal level of incompetence. (As voters in the Sixth District did with former Senator Michele Bachmann.) Sounds like just what First District Residents need, now that they have a hard-charging young Congressman, Tim Walz, who serves on 3 House Committees. Agriculture, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Veterans Affairs. None of them shabby assignments.

Posted by Nancy G | March 2, 2007 9:17 PM