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Who's Hot? Who's Not?

Posted at 12:58 PM on February 4, 2007 by Bob Collins (2 Comments)

Point-getting performance in the MFL in the last week.

Who's Hot?

Rep. Maria Ruud (D)
178 Points

Sen. Yvonne Prettner Solon (D)
171 points

Rep. Sheldon Johnson (D)
160 points

Rep. Leon Lillie (D)
153 points

Rep. Alice Hausman (D)
151 points

Rep. Jim Abeler (R)
144 points
Who's Not?

Rep. Tom Emmer (R)
0 points

Sen. Ron Latz (D)
1 point

Rep. Ron Shimanski (R)
1 point

Rep. Erik Paulsen (R)
1 point

Rep. Morrie Lanning (R)
1 points

Comments (2)

Over his legislative career Rep. Abeler has shown an ability and willingness to cross party lines to "get the job done". Although strong in his beliefs, one rarely hears Rep. Abeler speak on the House floor in purely partisan rhetoric. As in years past, Rep. Abeler signs on with many Democratic bills in order to advance legislation and move the state forward. The same could be said of Republican Reps. Tinglestad, Demmer and Urdahl among others.
On the other hand, Rep. Emmer is one of the most vitriolic voices on the House floor and in committee hearings. It is possibly no coincidence that Rep. Emmer rarely signs on with Democratic bills, no matter what the issue. That is unfortunate as outside the walls of the Capitol he comes across as a pretty nice guy. The same could be said of Republican Reps. Kohls, Paulson, Erickson and Seifert. Although a "free pass" could be given to Rep. Seifert as his role of Minority Leader is to be the voice of opposition much like Rep. Entenza was during the last session.
So this is where the "reality" of the legislative process intersects with the "fantasy league". Those Republican legislators, especially in the House, who pride themselves in their partisanship will probably garner very few points in the MFL and much more importantly find themselves increasingly irrelevant in the "real" legislative process. That is truly sad.

Posted by mike simpkins | February 4, 2007 2:15 PM

Two Indefatigible Bill Carriers in the top five as the team makes a strong bid for the league lead. No partisan or ideological axe to grind here, Rep. Abeler was my #1 pick 'cause historically he likes to get his name on bills, and Rep. Lillie wasn't far behind. The results speak for themselves, 297 points combined last week. Go Carriers!

Posted by Doug Gray | February 5, 2007 12:58 PM