Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Psst.... free agent hint

Posted at 3:40 PM on February 14, 2007 by Bob Collins (2 Comments)

If you're an MFL manager looking for a free agent pick-up, let me give you this suggestion. Sen. Linda Higgins. She's a free agent in the Gold League, and was cut a few weeks ago, back when the number of bills filed was a big deal (less so now because the big points accumulated by hearings and committee passage).

But since then, she's filed dozens of bills and today filed 23 in the Senate, which puts her total in the 70s. But here's the thing: Very few have had hearings, so there's plenty of potential there. One of these days I'll post a spreadsheet of low hearing-to-bill ratios, which might suggest great point potential.

So, anyway, among the 125+ bills filed today, my favorites as most interesting:

SF845 -- Increases the sales tax by 3/8s of one percent. As near as I can tell, if all the constitutional amendments raising the sales tax were to be approved, it would now stand at something like 116%. This bill doesn't even specify what the money would be used for, just that it would go into a special pot.

SF789 - Provides for youth mental health screening and suicide prvention. It would apply for grants under this program.

SF798 - Increases the gas tax, allows it to be adjusted annually, expands the authority of county to levy wheelage taxes (yeah, I'm really enjoying that little add-on, Washington County), authorizies counties to impose a sales tax, allows cities and cunties to impose "transportation impact fees. Comment: OK, now the DFLers (Sens. Murphy, Bonoff, Olseen, Langseth and Rest) have no problem with the word fees.

SF838 - Restricts the use of funds for state-sponsored health programs for funding abortions.

SF856 - Provides for "stays of adjudication" in criminal cases involving consensual sexual relationships in which the victim underaged. Also provides that offenders who receive such stays don't have to register as predatory sex offenders. I know there's a story here.

SF862 - Mandates mental health training for foster parents. Ditto.

SF879 - Provides for a "meapacking industry workers rights ombudsman."

SF889 -- Authorizes supermarkets to sell wine.

SF893 -- Moves the the precinct causes to February, and the state primary from September to June. Comment: Another solution to the difficulty candidates have from September-November: be the same candidate in the general election as in the primary battle. Currently, they run to the extremes to get the party endorsement, then run back to the middle to play to the average voter rather than the party insider.

SF916 - Prohibits the issuance, manufacture, or use of false academic credentials. You know, I was just talking about this at a class I was teaching at Harvard the other day...

SF919 - You'd have to buy a sticker to use a state trail on your ATV, but if you have a muzzleloader, you could use a scope.

SF925 - Requires predatory sex offenders to register their e-mail addresses with the law enforcement folks. I'm guessing that would make it easier for them to track online predatory activities.

Comments (2)

23 bills filed in one day, does that pass Rep. Abeler's (also a Bill Carrier) 21 on Feb. 5th for the new league single-day filing record? Yes, I believe it does, ha ha ha ha ha, ha . . .

Go Carriers!

Posted by Doug Gray | February 14, 2007 5:35 PM

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