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Today at the Capitol

Posted at 9:12 AM on January 16, 2007 by Bob Collins (1 Comments)

After a long weekend, lawmakers are back to work in St. Paul. SF 25 is getting a hearing today. Did you know that when Minnesota legislators put their budgets and projections together, they're not allowed to factor inflation into the equation? That could change if SF 25 is approved. There's also a House companion bill floating about.

The hearing is before Sen. Dick Cohen's Finance Committee. Sens. Cohen, Bakk, and Bonoff are the only names on the bill. The hearing is being televised and is also on the Senate's Web site video feed.

SF 11, also pertaining to financial practices, is also getting a hearing before the same committee. Sen. Cohen's name is the only name on that bill. He could have some big points by the end of the day. Update 11 a.m. SF 11 and 25 have just passed the Finance Committee. BH (bills heard) and CP (committee passage) votes award.

Most of the committee hearings today are background session. In the House, however, HF 1 is getting its first hearing today.
The Children's Health Security Act would provide health care coverage for Minnesota kids. It is before the Health and Human Services Committee. Thirty-five names are attached to it, including at least on Republican. "Owners" of Kathy Tingelstad are going to do well on this bill, assume they've got some DFL muscle on their teams to complement the points she's going to accumulate on this bill.

That hearing is at 2;15. All the action is on the House Webcast, and the pre-game show starts at...... no, wait.... there's no pre-game show. Although.... now that I think of it..... nahhhhhh!

Comments (1)

Go Cohen!

Posted by MN Campaign Report | January 16, 2007 11:36 AM