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Classical Notes


Posted at 2:38 PM on November 2, 2013 by Tesfa Wondemagegnehu (7 Comments)
Filed under: Choral Music

Just 6 months ago I was dropping 60-hour workweeks like they were hot; working as a high school chorus teacher in Florida. Now I am the assistant artistic director of VocalEssence and the producer of American Public Media's 24/7 choral stream & blog. Wait, what in the hell happened? Are you crazy....you're seriously giving me a blog?

I've always been a choral nerd, but to be producing and blogging for one of the few 24/7 choral streams in the country definitely wasn't on my radar. Can somebody wake me up from this dream? (No, please don't!) Some may think that I'm crazy for moving to the North Country (probably a solid assessment), but when it comes to choral music, this place is the land of Milk & Honey.


Moses (F. Melius Christiansen) led the singers out of the wilderness and some of Minnesota's the region's Joshuas (Westin Noble, Philip Brunelle & Dale Warland) have kept on fightin' the battle.


This is such a grand opportunity to share my love for choral music with thousands of people from this culturally rich state and region. I am hoping that we develop a strong bond and that you become avid listeners of our 24/7 choral stream. So....I guess it's time for that awkward moment during the first date, when we attempt to get to know one another.


Well, who am I?
I am THAT guy. People that know me, realize that I am THAT guy who always looks to push it a step further.

What does that mean for this choral stream and blog?
I recommend that you fasten your safety belts and prepare for one hell of a ride; North Country just got a new injection of Southern swagger.

Comments (7)

Love the Choral stream...but:
1. Weston Noble is from Iowa
2. Please don't use 'Lux Aurumque' as the Choral Stream jingle..
3. Less repetition of works? (e.g. We shouldn't have to hear 'Sigh No More, Ladies' more than once a month..)


Posted by Tim Sheie | November 4, 2013 8:55 PM

Congratulations Tesfa!

Posted by Cynthia Youtz | November 6, 2013 9:18 AM

I listen often on headphones when doing repetitive computer legal discovery work. Please give us less repetition. I have assumed it has been partly because of lack of rights to music but this is a public radio station. The same three songs from St. Olaf...I think I hear the same Beautiful Savior recording from Olaf every day. It's the version that is available to all on the public internet.

Posted by Paul Nevin | November 6, 2013 10:02 AM

Thank you all for your feedback! I will do my best to accommodate your requests. Stay tuned!

Posted by Tesfa Wondemagegnehu | November 6, 2013 11:38 AM

If you blog with as much joy and enthusiasm as you direct and mentor we singers Tesfa your blog followers are going to have a blast and learn a lot !!

Welcome to this community and have fun with this new project.

Posted by Sheridan O'Keefe | November 6, 2013 12:45 PM

Dear Tesfa,
You ARE that guy! Can't wait to see what you have in store for the Choral Stream and this blog. It would be great to hear a wider range of choral music to reflect the diversity of communities of song in this region and from around the country.
We are blessed to have you join all the fun up here in the "North Land of Frozen Milk and Honey!"

Posted by Randall Davidson | November 10, 2013 4:44 PM

I will do my best to make sure that our stream offers a representative, wider range of choral music. Thank you for your insight Randall and all you do for the National Lutheran Choir.

Posted by Tesfa Wondemagegnehu | November 14, 2013 3:55 PM