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Classical Notes

"A special and unique type of talent..."

Posted at 1:23 PM on October 28, 2010 by Alison Young (1 Comments)
Filed under: Fun finds, Musician stories

When I was in 6th grade, we had a contest in band to see who could play all their major and minor scales the fastest.

I love a challenge, so I worked them up and went for it.

After creating a kind of scale "smear" - I won! (I think the prize was a pile of candy...oh, well)

I'm not sure what exactly is going on here with violinist Anna Karkowska - is she for real? Is this a kind of Borat comedy-thing, as one of my colleagues suggests or does she just have some wealthy patron hiring her the London Symphony Orchestra for a few days?

You tell me!

Comments (1)

Everyone is saying that Anna Karkowska is unique and sounds completely different than any violinist. This is because there is no other violinist in the world who would be willing to take years of their life and systematically destroy any ounce of musical sense or technique they might have ever had in order to become a sideshow attraction. People listen to her because they don't know enough about classical music to feel comfortable enough to comment on the fact that they taste vomit in her throat when they hear her play. They are worried it is just ignorance and don't want to appear stupid. They are not stupid. She is a rapist of a great tradition of playing that has great days ahead of it that do not include her. The fact that she has gotten international attention for her shoddy, ugly, and superficial "artistry" is the only travesty in the violin world greater than Andre Rieu. What a sad day it is that all of us who work so hard to be great at what we do and still get paid and treated like second class citizens have to see a moron, a banshee in drag, get up on stage and defecate upon the graves of the great composers of virtuoso violin music. Even the second-rate pieces she has written specifically for her deserve better treatment than this. If she ever makes a video of her playing unaccompanied Bach (though her implausibly masked technique of a drunken failed Juilliard pre-college audition would hardly allow her to fake her way through an account of those), I might have to shoot myself in the head. But then I suppose there would be one less person left to point out to her adoring fans--sheep following a crazed shepherd--that she represents everything that is bad about musicianship and should not be allowed to hold a violin unless she vows to spend the rest of her life in a soundproof (but not bulletproof) room.

Posted by Luke Fleming | November 5, 2010 2:22 PM