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Classical Notes

More on the "Is Mozart good for you?" debate

Posted at 7:26 AM on December 13, 2009 by Alison Young (1 Comments)
Filed under: Fun finds, In the media

Researchers may argue over whether listening to Mozart makes one smarter, but a new study shows it helps preemies thrive.

Israeli scientists found that playing "Baby Mozart" helped slow premature babies' metabolism, therefore enabling the infants to gain weight.

But what's not clear is whether it's Mozart in particular or classical music in general that is to be credited.

Comments (1)

There are other recent scientific findings that tend to validate the research suggesting that premature babies exposed to Mozart gain weight faster than do babies unexposed to Mozart. Just yesterday there was a short piece in the New York Times Magazine concerning cows and the rate of lactation. It was reported that cows with names--names like Betsy, Molly and Daisy--produce more milk than do those hapless cows who are nameless. Of course, there was no control group of cows. But that doesn't matter, because the research indicating that premature babies gain more weight if they're exposed to Mozart, didn't have a control group either.

Posted by Tom Foley | December 14, 2009 5:52 AM