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The Myth of High-Priced Tickets

Posted at 9:55 AM on November 23, 2009 by Gillian Martin (6 Comments)
Filed under: Concerts, In the media

I was very disappointed to see this comic strip in yesterday's Star Tribune advancing the myth that "only rich people can afford" tickets to the symphony.

(Especially since I had just read this article about ticket scalpers asking over a $1000 a piece for tickets to an upcoming U2 concert a 2007 Hannah Montana concert.)

Tickets to major orchestras (like the New York Philharmonic, the Chicago Symphony or our own Minnesota Orchestra or Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra) are comparable in price, and often cheaper, than tickets to pop/rock acts such as Bon Jovi, U2 or Taylor Swift.

I don't hold comic strip creators to the same professional standards as reporters, of course, but would a little fact-checking be so bad?

Comments (6)

totally agree....some friends of mine paid close to 200$ for bad seats to see the Dave Mathews Band play in my home town; freaking nuts.

Posted by xerox01 | November 23, 2009 12:08 PM

Agreed!!! Especially for students (such as in the comic), there are MANY cheap options available! I went to a Minnesota Youth Symphonies Concert at Orchestra Hall, and got great seats in the tier for $15! The comic artist HAS TO BE biased. :-)

Posted by Caleb M. | November 23, 2009 1:09 PM

Caleb: or maybe just ignorant, in the best sense of the word. Or just unwilling to let the truth get in the way of a good story. :)

Posted by Gillian Martin | November 23, 2009 5:27 PM

True... The above statement was written in the "heat of the moment". :-) Still, most symphony orchestras are VERY helpful to students as far as ticket prices go.

Posted by Caleb M. | November 23, 2009 9:29 PM

There was a comic strip (now long gone) called "9 Chickweed Lane" by a guy who was familiar with professional musicians and dancers. One of his strips had a "gentleman" meet a woman dancer and he said "It is nice to meet a real dancer." And her response was "As opposed to a fake one?"

Posted by Lisa | November 25, 2009 9:25 AM

Wife and I feel like outsiders when we go to symphony orchestra concerts. We are jammed ass into seats like airplanes try to stuff us into. Then we sit by total strangers.

Fug it! We have ten tons of LPs and CDs here at home where we can sit and drink 7UP and vodka to our hearts delight. Lay down on the bed. Romp around.

WTF do we want to spend good buck$$$$ to go get stuffed at a concert hall???

Oh yes, it is what prissy ass MPR-ites do. :)

Hey, let me wish you all a politically incorrect, but accurate, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Posted by Harlan Swift | December 6, 2009 6:59 PM