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Symphony in e(Bay): Finale and Coda

Posted at 7:06 AM on July 3, 2006 by John Birge (2 Comments)
Filed under: The blog

Last night, the bidding was up to $127,000, and the eBay auction for the Beethoven Academie Orchestra was set to end early tomorrow. But I found this morning that the auction had evidently been withdrawn by the orchestra (which started the whole thing as a very effective publicity stunt to protest funding cuts from the Flemish Ministry of Culture).

Here's the message added to the auction page: "Mensen die ons een hart onder de riem willen steken, kunnen intekenen op onze petititielijst die aan Minister Anciaux zal worden afgegeven. http://www.axci.nl/?ln=ned&id=55 Wij danken u voor uw steun "

Flemish translation, anyone? Please? Looks like they're asking would-be bidders to go to their website and sign a petition. But all of this is in Flemish, so I'll appeal for either a free translation or a suggestion for an automatic online Flemish translation site.

Comments (2)

Hi John,

Dutch translation for the Beethoven Orchestra ebay fiasco:

Mensen die ons een hart onder de riem willen steken, kunnen intekenen op onze petititielijst die aan Minister Anciaux zal worden afgegeven.

translates to:

People who want us put a heart under the oar, can subscribe on our petititielijst who will be delivered to minister Anciaux.

On their website the top text translates to:

Dear Bert,

After we three have fought years with man and man to get rid of euro our debt mount of a million and the best expectancies have for the coming seasons, do you succeed for with? scribbling appetites all that work to brush aside.

We can stow away our instruments and it slightly to take off.

Although we got the confidence of large names such as the Toneelhuis, the royal ballet of Flanders, deSingel and transparent. A new cd (simfonie?van Gounod)die we in November took with Herv?iquet are ready to are spread.

With this petition we want ask to all friends, colleagues and gelijkgezinden to this petition and alzo to rise for the conservation of the courts sign academy. Each signature a heart under the oar have been found for ours musicians.

Posted by Reboots DaMachina | July 3, 2006 7:51 AM

Dutch translation provides a sketch, but since this is Flemish, we'll need an expert. Anyone?

Posted by John Birge | July 3, 2006 9:10 AM