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Slow news day

Posted at 3:53 PM on April 18, 2006 by Ben Tesch (2 Comments)

The Twins are off today, and not many games today. There's always Paul Lukas' Uni Watch, which had kept a sharp eye on various baseball clothing items, such as illegal undershirts, new sleeve designs, batting helmets with earflaps, and memorial patches.

Other fodder sure to cause a ruckus is Nate Silver's article on most valuable players, but not the same kind that you're thinking. Nate takes the approach of assuming every single player around the world was a free agent, where all contracts became null and void. Then who is the most valuable player? The top half of the top 50 has alot of future franchisers.

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When pitchers stay up past their bedtime.

Posted at 10:20 PM on April 18, 2006 by Josh Lee

Carlos Silva is a very efficient pitcher: He works fast, doesn't walk many batters, and if you're going to get a hit off of him, you'll probably get it pretty early in the count. In fact, Silva is so efficient that it's easy to get confused and completely miss a half inning here or there, as he can get on and off the mound in the blink of an eye. I can only assume that Ron Gardenhire lost count and thought it was the 6th inning rather than the 9th, because that's the only reasonable explanation I can think of for leaving a starter out there to hold a three-run deficit against the Angels -- one that was a six-run deficit by the time Silva finally gave way to Jesse Crain.

A funny thing happens to a pitcher when you leave him out too long, though. Without the adrenaline rush that keeps him pumped through a complete-game win, a near-complete-game loss leaves him little more than tired and frustrated. And when the home plate umpire works a strike zone the size of a matchbook -- well, that'll make a tired pitcher downright cranky, and the resulting language, in addition to being inappropriate for broadcast or family-friendly blogs, will get a pitcher thrown out of the game even as he's already on his way to the dugout. It will get that pitcher's manager ejected as well, because even if Gardy doesn't know what inning it is, he knows when an ump needs to have a hat tossed at him.

Meanwhile: In spite of all the hullaballoo surrounding the Jason Kubel-Gardenhire-Ruben Sierra love triangle, Lewwwww Ford ended up starting in right field tonight. Ford got two hits, and scored both of the Twins' runs on a night when most of the lineup was so ineffective that they couldn't even score on J.C. Romero. He also lost a fly ball and had a brain fart on a hit-and-run play that left Juan Castro twisting in the wind between first and second base. Whether all that makes him the Player of the Game or the Airhead of the Game is up for debate.

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