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Two out of three ain't bad

Posted at 8:57 AM on April 17, 2006 by Ben Tesch

Sorry in advance if I just got Meat Loaf stuck in your head. Don't be sad, as Mr. Loaf says. Twins lose on Sunday to the Yankees in a terribly, terribly quiet Metrodome. I'm guessing everyone was at brunch. Not me, I saw the usual Radke pulling a Radke, the Twins being the Twins, and the Yankees being the Yankees.

After the game, Kubel gets sent down to AAA after Ruben Sierra signals that he's ready. I'm not a huge fan of the move, but I guess there's only so much room. I at least like Kubel's attitude about it:

Though disappointed, Kubel feels that his stay in Rochester might not be for long.

"I know what is going to happen down there," Kubel said. "So I don't think I should be down too long."

Ok, closed circuit to RG. Seriously, it's time to get Rondell out of the 4 spot. Give him a day off, move him down to the 7 spot. Anything. Signed, the tens thousands of fans who can see every Rondell out coming from a mile away. Remember what you said about Kubel? Well, Rondell missed most of last year, too.

Beer Town vs. Twins Territory

Posted at 8:38 PM on April 17, 2006 by David Zingler (3 Comments)

For most of the 90s, nobody cared. At the beginning of this decade, there was no need to ask. But now, for the first time since President Bush had two middle initials, there is a debate: Who is better – the Brewers or the Twins?

C: Joe Mauer vs. Damian Miller
“Baby Jesus” vs. a journeyman – please…
Edge: Twins

1B: Justin Morneau vs. Prince Fielder
Both have a lot of potential, but at this point Morneau is more established. This could be fun in a few years.
Edge: Twins

2B: Luis Castillo vs. Rickie Weeks
Castillo is in his prime, Weeks should have a great one – when he gets there.
Edge: Twins

3B: Tony Batista vs. Corey Koskie
Ask Terry Ryan who’d he rather have.
Edge: Brewers

SS: Juan Castro vs. J.J. Hardy
A promising young player or a glorified utility man…let’s see…
Edge: Brewers

LF: Shannon Stewart vs. Carlos Lee
Stewart’s solid, but Lee’s a masher.
Edge: Brewers

CF: Torii Hunter vs. Brady Clark
Clark was a pleasant surprise in ’05, while Hunter is overrated, but still…
Edge: Twins

RF: Cuddyer/Ford vs. Geoff Jenkins
This position is an offensive black hole for the local nine.
Edge: Brewers

Both benches look decent, if unspectacular.
Edge: Even

Starting Rotation
Santana, Radke, Silva, Lohse & Baker vs.
Sheets, Davis, Capuano, Ohka & Bush

Johan has struggled, Radke is mediocre while Sheets can’t stay healthy and Capuano has to prove he’s for real.
Edge: Twins (but not by as much as you think).

Both have All Star closers (Nathan, Turnbow), but the Twins, with the help of Liriano, are deeper.
Edge: Twins

Conclusion: I have to stick with the Twins because they’ve proven they can be a winning team over the last five years. I do however; think both teams will have similar records when the year ends.

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