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One more curse to go

Posted at 9:14 AM on October 17, 2005 by Ben Tesch

Based on how the White Sox were crumbling in the last month of the season, it seemed they had little chance of winning a playoff series, let alone the division. Four complete games later, they dispatch of the Angels. The Angels could not get much going in any of those games, with their biggest bat Vladimir Guerrero — who I have seen hit a homerun from a pitch in the dirt — batting a whopping .050 for the series. Ouch. So the Sox are in for the first time since 1959, with a chance to match the last White Sox champs: 1917. Think they have a chance? A month ago I would said no, but they may have changed my mind.

All Hail the White Sox...

Posted at 2:40 PM on October 17, 2005 by David Zingler

As Ben notes below, the White Sox are in their second World Series of Mr. Collins’ lifetime. Since there's a little Dick Bremer in all of us, I’m guessing that most Twins fans are disheartened by this development...some might even say jealous.

Personally however, I welcome it. The Sox are stuck playing second fiddle in their own city to the suddenly not-so-lovable losers on the snobbier North Side, the Yankees/Red Sox thing is now cliché and the Angels won it all just three years ago (and I will never forgive them for the Rally Monkey or the Thunder Sticks).

It seems like when I openly pander for comments I am often shut out, so I won’t ask for your opinion on this. I wouldn’t mind if you told me though...


Posted at 5:57 PM on October 17, 2005 by Bob Collins

I'm just now coming around to consciousness after the late-season collapse (some might call it a "choke" of the Indians). I watched the first few series in the postseason and was thoroughly bored by the quality of play. The ALCS and NLCS has been a little more interesting, mostly for some really find defensive plays I've seen.

Still, no doubt there will be strong emphasis on the White Sox drought of World Series titles over the next few weeks. It's an attempt to make the postseason more interesting than it's really been. Because it hasn't been that interesting.


Is there a labor action going on by the Major League umpires that I'm not aware of?

OK, enough of that. Now, let me tell you why the St. Louis Cardinals aren't going to the World Series (a statement that just guaranteed that they will). St. Louis is a great baseball town, perhaps the finest baseball town in America.

The Cardinals play good fundamental (mostly) baseball so you wouldn't think that a team that plays solid ball in a town that knows baseball would be guilty of this: they're stupid.

Let's recap Sunday's 9th inning:

* Pujols singles.
* Larry Walker singles Pujols to third.
* Reggie Sanders hits a ground ball to third and Pujols (here's that word) stupidly is running on contact with nobody out.
* Runners now at first and second with one out, John Mabry hits into a double-play.

That, in itself, is not stupid. But not remembering what the Little League coach said on the first day of baserunning practice is. Run through the bag...not to the bag.

Mabry was out by a fraction of an inch. But if you look at the replay (and you can on again, he was pulling up to the bag, a mistake so -- well -- stupid, that his team will be eliminated momentarily.

Plus he runs like a slug.

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