5th Congressional District Candidates

  Keith Ellison Chris Fields
Date of birth Aug 4, 1963 Aug 22, 1967
Place of birth Detroit The Bronx, New York
Biography Married, wife Christa. Father of one son.
Education B.A., economics, Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich.; J.D., University of Minnesota Park University, business management degree.
Religion Sunni Muslim Christian
Professional experience Attorney, 1990-2006 Marine Corps Officer
Positions held Representative, U.S. House of Representatives , 2006-present; Representative, Minnesota State House of Representatives, 2002-2006
Twitter @EllisonCampaign @FieldsFor5thCD
Facebook facebook.com/Keith.Ellison facebook.com/chrisfieldsforcongress
Website www.keithellison.org chrisfieldsforcongress.com

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