4th Congressional District Candidates

  Betty McCollum Tony Hernandez Steve Carlson
Date of birth Jul 12, 1954 Jan 22, 1979
Place of birth South St. Paul, Minn. St. Paul, Minn. Alamogordo, NM
Biography Mother of two children. Eldest of seven brothers and sisters and 64 first cousins. Second generation Mexican-American. Married to Vikki Leah Carlson.
Education B.A., College of Saint Catherine, 1987; A.A., Inver Hill Community College, 1980 Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Religion Roman Catholic Christian
Professional experience High school teacher, social science; retail sales and management, Dayton's and Sears. Experience in mortgage finance. Writer, consultant. U.S. Air Force, 1971-75.
Positions held Representative, United States House of Representatives, 2000-present; Representative, Minnesota State House of Representatives, 1992-2000; Council member, North Saint Paul City Council, 1986-1992.
Twitter @BettyMcCollum04 @HernandezUSA @SteveWCarlson
Facebook facebook.com/betty.mccollum1 facebook.com/hernandezforcongress
Website www.mccollumforcongress.com www.hernandezusa.com www.stevecarlsonforcongress2010.com

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