7th Congressional District

7th-district map
Median age:
Per capita income:
Individuals below poverty level:
White: 93.8%; Black: 0.6%; Asian: 0.7%; Hispanic: 3.4%; American Indian: 2.5%
Urban: 34%; Rural: 66%

7th Congressional District

The 7th Congressional District is farming country, and as one would expect, its fortunes are tied to agricultural issues. The region is depopulating as more people give up the land. The district covers most of the western part of the state. Some of the "wheat growing" area is still heavily DFL, while other areas such as Otter Tail County are Republican.

Incumbent Collin Peterson was first elected to the seat in 1990. He is a conservative Democrat, but in the last session of Congress voted more often with the Democratic leadership than in the past, possibly because of his position as chair of the powerful Agricuture Committee. Peterson won re-election in 2008 with 72 percent of the vote.

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