5th Congressional District

5th-district map
Median age:
Per capita income:
Individuals below poverty level:
White: 74.3%; Black: 13.6%; Asian: 4.6%; Hispanic: 8.7%; American Indian: 1.2%
Urban: 100%; Rural: 0%

5th Congressional District

Minnesota's 5th Congressional District is made up primarily of the city of Minneapolis and a few adjoining suburbs. It includes the affluent neighborhoods around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet, the University of Minnesota, and the downtown area. However, a large section of the 5th also includes residents with considerably lower incomes. There is no greater DFL stronghold in all of Minnesota than the 5th. DFLer Keith Ellison won election to this seat in 2006, succeeding longtime Rep. Martin Sabo. In 2008, he won re-election with 71 percent of the vote.

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