4th Congressional District

4th-district map
Median age:
Per capita income:
Individuals below poverty level:
White: 78%; Black: 8.2%; Asian: 8.1%; Hispanic: 6.6%; American Indian: 0.6%
Urban: 100%; Rural: 0%

4th Congressional District

Minnesota's 4th Congressional District includes St. Paul, Ramsey County suburbs to the north, and southern suburbs of West St. Paul and South St. Paul. St. Paul is one of the most ardent strongholds of the DFL, and has been since before the party was formed in 1944. The demographics of the districts are changing quickly. More than 25,000 Hmong immigrants live in St. Paul, the largest concentration of any American city. The seat has been held by the DFL since Eugene McCarthy won it in 1948. In the 2008 presidential election, Democrat Barack Obama defeated Republican John McCain by 64 percent to 34 percent in the 4th.

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