1st Congressional District

1st-district map
Median age:
Per capita income:
Individuals below poverty level:
White: 93.9%; Black: 1.5%; Asian: 2.1%; Hispanic: 4%; American Indian: 0.3%
Urban: 56%; Rural: 44%

1st Congressional District

The 1st Congressional District has been changing over the past few election cycles. The change is most apparent in Rochester, which had long been a Republican stronghold, but more recently is swinging toward the DFL. Many of the DFL's inroads in the legislative campaign of 2004 came in the 1st. The election of Tim Walz to replace incumbent Gil Gutknecht confirmed the change on Election Day 2006. The western part of the district tends to be more solidly Republican. But in the 2008 presidential election, Democrat Barack Obama defeated Republican John McCain in the district 51 percent to 47 percent. Walz easily won re-election in 2008, but may face a tougher challenge this time around against Republican Randy Demmer, as anti-incumbent sentiment runs higher around the country.

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