Minnesota Senate Recount

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The head of a key board in Minnesota's unsettled Senate election says the panel might hear a dispute over whether to reconsider some rejected absentee ballots. (11/14/2008)
Midmorning speaks with DFL U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken about the upcoming recount, and the lawsuit filed by his campaign over absentee ballots. (Midmorning, 11/14/2008)
The Minnesota Secretary of State's office is giving election officials across the state some direction on how to conduct next week's recount in the U.S. Senate race. (11/14/2008)
The story an attorney for Democrat Al Franken's U.S. Senate campaign told reporters in order to illustrate claims that valid absentee ballots were wrongly rejected, turns out to be false. (11/13/2008)
Democrat Al Franken, locked in a tight Senate race headed to a statewide recount, is suing for access to data on voters who had their absentee ballots rejected. (11/13/2008)
The jury that will rule on disputed ballots in the Minnesota Senate recount includes the Democratic secretary of state, two Supreme Court justices appointed by a Republican governor and two district judges whose politics are harder to gauge. (11/12/2008)
Sen. Norm Coleman, responding to a call Tuesday for investigations into allegations that a friend and political donor attempted to steer $75,000 to him, said he would welcome any investigation. (11/12/2008)
The changes in the vote totals in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race may be vexing the leading vote-getter, but a look at past elections shows it's nothing unusual. (11/12/2008)
Both the Franken and Coleman campaigns say they're working on amassing hundreds of attorneys and volunteers to monitor the counting, while campaign finance laws will now allow maxed-out contributors to donate to the campaigns again. (11/11/2008)
As the state gears up for a recount, Al Franken and Sen. Norm Coleman are engaged in a public relations battle that political observers say is intended to influence who will be the winner. (11/11/2008)
Former Secretary of State Joan Growe joins Midday to answer listener questions about elections and voting in Minnesota. (Midday, 11/11/2008)
The Hennepin County canvassing board has rejected Democrat Al Franken's campaign's request to count some absentee ballots that had been declared invalid. (11/10/2008)
Nasser Kazeminy, the man accused of trying to funnel money to Sen. Norm Coleman, denied the allegations Monday through a spokeswoman. (11/10/2008)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty says he has concerns about the changing vote total in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race. (11/10/2008)
The post-election race for the U.S. Senate in Minnesota will move into a new stage this week. The state's 87 counties have been counting ballots and double checking their tallies since last Tuesday's election. (11/10/2008)


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