Republican National Convention

Construction began Monday inside the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul to get it ready for the Republican National Convention. (07/21/2008)
St. Paul's five downtown hospitals are getting ready to deal with the Republican National Convention this September and the thousands of visitors it's expected to bring to the city. (07/21/2008)
Advocates for non-violence are recruiting volunteers to protect people from getting hurt outside of the the GOP convention. (07/17/2008)
A federal judge has denied a group of protesters' request for a new march route during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. (07/16/2008)
About 4,000 commuters who park near the Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul will have to give up their spaces during the Republican National Convention. (07/16/2008)
The Minneapolis St. Paul Host Committee says it has met Tuesday's fundraising deadline of $39 million as part of its contract with the Republican Party. (07/15/2008)
Organizers say they have reached their goal of recruiting 10,000 volunteers to help during the upcoming Republican National Convention. (07/14/2008)
With September's Republican National Convention approaching, Ramsey County court officials are preparing to hold round-the-clock hearings for arrested protesters. (07/11/2008)
The Minneapolis-St. Paul host committee still needs more than 1,000 volunteers to work during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. Meanwhile in Denver, so many volunteers have signed up for the Democratic National Convention that thousands will likely be turned away. (07/10/2008)
A group of Iraq war protesters asked a federal judge today to allow a protest march during the Republican National Convention at a time later than St. Paul city officials have proposed. (07/09/2008)
A fringe group that has vowed to create chaos during the Republican National Convention has posted convention travel plans on its Web site. (07/04/2008)
An anti-war activist who was mistakenly arrested during a rally last month is suing the city of St. Paul and five police officers. (07/02/2008)
The St. Paul City Council has agreed to let some of the city's bars stay open until 4 a.m. during the Republican National Convention. (06/26/2008)
The protest groups who have reserved march or park permits during the Republican National Convention range from 9/11 conspiracy theorists to folk music loving peaceniks. (06/25/2008)
The mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and organizers of the Republican National Convention, will make another plea today for volunteers for the September convention. (06/23/2008)
Republican National Convention St. Paul September 1-4


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