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Governort: Pam Ellison

Pam Ellison announced her candidacy on May 31, 2006, seeking the Independence Party's endorsement. In 2000, she ran for Congress in the 4th District. She worked for former Gov. Jesse Ventura, first recruiting volunteers for his successful gubernatorial bid, then working for his administration as executive assistant to Lieutenant Governor Mae Schunk, and traveling around the state promoting one of his pet projects: a one-house legislature. In the September 2006 primary, Ellison received about a third of the IP vote in her contest against Peter Hutchinson.

Candidate Bio

Pam Ellison
Political affiliation:
Independence Party
Nov. 2, 1957, Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Married. Two adult children. Resides in St. Paul's Como neigbhorhood.
Educational assistant in the school library at Arlington High School.
Graduated high school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Attended Bethel College, St. Paul.

Campaign Contribution Report

Total receipts
Cash on hand
Source: Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board 2006

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Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch says the DPS is compromising personal privacy and helping identity thieves. (01/04/2006)
Immigration issues have moved to the forefront of political debate in recent weeks, thanks largely to Gov. Tim Pawlenty. It began in December when Pawlenty released what has become a controversial report on the costs associated with illegal immigration. And it continued this week, when the governor outlined a series of proposals to identify and crack down on illegal immigration in Minnesota. (01/04/2006)
Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch has announced a series of legislative proposals to help Minnesotans guard against identity theft. (12/21/2005)
Gov. Pawlenty says he's meeting with groups across the state to discuss the impact of illegal immigration in Minnesota, which he calls a serious problem and needs immediate attention. Critics say Pawlenty is using the issue of immigration as a political wedge to help him get reelected next year. (12/16/2005)
Now, as party activists learn of DFLer Kelly Doran's past donations to Republicans, the candidate for governor finds himself defending his Democratic credentials. (12/16/2005)
President Bush's fundraising visit in support of Senate candidate Mark Kennedy, comes when the president's approval rating in Minnesota has plunged. If that trend continues, it could hurt the chances in 2006. (12/09/2005)
Two legislators are proposing a bill to guard against invasive species hitchhiking in oceangoing ships on Lake Superior. The legislation would require big international ships that travel in Lake Superior to treat ballast water before dumping it into the lake. (11/22/2005)
The 2006 race for Minnesota governor became more visible Friday, when four candidates shared a stage for the first time. Democrats Kelly Doran, Steve Kelley and Becky Lourey, and Independence Party member Peter Hutchinson spoke at a business forum on early childhood education. The four criticized Gov. Pawlenty's leadership in this area. (11/18/2005)
State Sen. Becky Lourey, who elevated her profile by speaking out against the Iraq war that claimed her son's life, embarked Tuesday on a second run for governor. (11/15/2005)
The DFL race to reclaim the governor's office saw heavy churning Monday as a big-name candidate got in, a long-shot candidate bowed out and a deep-pocketed candidate opened a $500,000 television ad campaign. (10/24/2005)
Attorney General Mike Hatch is officially entering the governor's race. Hatch could be a formidable candidate, having won statewide office twice. But he also ran unsuccessfully for governor twice in the 1990s, and there's no guarantee he will get the DFL endorsement in '06. Several DFLers are already running for governor, and they say Hatch joining the race doesn't discourage them at all. (10/23/2005)
The 56-year-old Democrat will make it official on Monday, he told supporters in a fundraising letter confirmed by a campaign spokeswoman. (10/19/2005)
Democrat Bud Philbrook launched his campaign for governor Sunday, promising to break the partisan gridlock at the Capitol but also taking some direct swipes at the Republican incumbent, Gov. Tim Pawlenty. (10/02/2005)
Kelly Doran says he's exiting Minnesota's U.S. Senate race and entering the governor's race because he underestimated the impact being a senator would have on his family. (09/21/2005)
A Hennepin County judge could rule as early as this week on a case that some argue could give the attorney general newfound power over nonprofits. (08/16/2005)