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Mark Kennedy
Political affiliation:
Republican Party
April 11, 1957
Benson, Minn.
Married to Debbie Kennedy. Four children (Charles, Emily, Sarah, Peter) Catholic.
6th District Congressman. CPA, Arthur Anderson, 1978-81; Dir. of Finance, Pillsbury Co., 1983-87. Treas., Federated Department Stores, 1987-92; CFO, Shopko Stores, 1992-95; CFO Dept 56, Inc., 1995-00.
B.A., St. John's University, 1979; MBA, University of Michigan, 1983.
Major political experience:
Elected to U.S. House, 2000.
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Audio Deficits(8/2/04)
Audio Tax relief(8/2/04)
Audio Transportation(12/8/03)
Audio Rural health care (12/8/03)
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Mark Kennedy

Mark Kennedy was the third Republican attempting to unseat Rep. David Minge since he was elected in 1992. But Kennedy was the first to succeed. His campaign slogan, "Kennedy Means Business" encapsulates his long career as a business executive. He is in favor of opening foreign markets, which he contends will boost earnings for farmers and help other businesses thrive. In addition, he wants to reduce capital gains taxes and eliminate inheritance taxes, which he argues are making it tougher for farmers and business owners to pass their assets to future generations. Like other Republicans, he also wants to get rid of the so-called marriage penalty. He serves on the Financial Services Committee, Transportation Committee, and Infrastructure Committee.

Kennedy has represented the 2nd District, which — up until 2002 — covered much of southwestern Minnesota. A court-drawn redistricting plan put his house within the boundaries of the 6th District and he decided to stay and run north of the Twin Cities instead. His decision set off a flurry of activity. Republican John Kline decided to run in the 2nd and 6th District incumbent congressman Bill Luther, a DFLer, also decided to move to the 2nd, ultimately losing to Rep. John Kline.

Kennedy's name is often mentioned as a potential candidate for U.S. Senate against Sen. Mark Dayton in 2006. Much of that speculation is based on Kennedy's appearance schedule in Minnesota, which often is outside the 6th District.

In 2004, Kennedy faced a candidate with little political experience, but high name recognition in Patty Wetterling. Despite a campaign on both sides that suggested a close race, Kennedy emerged with a 54%-to-46% victory. See 2004 results for the 6th District.

Wetterling is working hard to raise money and attention in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District
Political junkies will be scanning the latest fundraising reports, looking to see how candidates in the most competitive races are faring. In Minnesota they'll pay particular attention to the 6th Congressional District race between Republican incumbent Mark Kennedy and DFLer Patty Wetterling. The race may come down to experience versus name recognition. Kennedy is hoping that voters will appreciate his two terms in office over Wetterling's popularity.
Wetterling's campaign theme: Children are our future
DFLers have made it official: Patty Wetterling is the party's choice to unseat Republican Mark Kennedy this fall in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District. The unanimous endorsement came before Saturday's DFL state convention in Duluth.
Wetterling jumps into broader political arena in Congress bid
Patty Wetterling made it official Tuesday, announcing her candidacy for Minnesota's 6th Congressional district. She'll run as a Democrat against incumbent Republican Rep. Mark Kennedy. Tragedy has given Patty Wetterling tremendous name recognition. In 1989, her son Jacob was abducted at gunpoint near his St. Joseph home, and he's been missing ever since. Wetterling has spent 14 years pushing for state and national legislation to deal with violence against children. Now Wetterling will need to convince people her candidacy is about more than one issue.
Wetterling's popularity no guarantee she can win in the 6th District
Missing childrens' advocate Patty Wetterling popularity gives her a big boost in the 6th Congressional District, but she'll need more than name recognition to win and unseat Republican incumbent Mark Kennedy.
Republican congressman responds to Kerry visit
Democrats are not the only ones interested in John Kerry's visit to Minnesota. Republicans in the state are also watching the presumptive Democratic candidate for president closely as they try to help president Bush win the state's 10 electoral votes. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with Republican Congressman Mark Kennedy, who represents the 6th Congressional District. Kennedy has been a strong supporter of President Bush.
Kennedy has company in the 6th District
Patty Wetterling, an advocate for missing and exploited children, is a DFL candidate in Minnesota 6th District. Wetterling's campaign says she filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and will start raising money right away. Wetterling is one of several candidates who will be seeking the Democratic nomination to run in the 6th District. Whoever wins the nomination will face Republican incumbent Mark Kennedy.
Wetterling mulling run for Congress
Patty Wetterling is thinking about running for Congress this fall to oust Republican Mark Kennedy. Wetterling is nationally known for the way she responded to the 1989 abduction of her son Jacob who's still missing. She helped create the Jacob Wetterling Foundation to push child safety issues at the state capitol, and in Washington, D.C. The DFL party has been recruiting her for the past couple of weeks to run in the Sixth Congressional District which stretches from the suburbs of the Twin Cities, up to St. Cloud. If she does decide to run, she will have to secure the DFL endorsement before a possible matchup against Kennedy. At least one other DFLer, Ted Thompson, has already announced his intention to get the DFL endorsement. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with Patty Wetterling.
Does Mark Kennedy have higher goals?
Some of the biggest political speculation in Minnesota has nothing to do with the 2004 election. Instead, it's looking ahead to 2006 when DFL incumbent U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton is up for re-election. One of the names most often mentioned as a Republican who might challenge Dayton is 6th District Congressman Mark Kennedy, who was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2000.
Kennedy on toll roads and current events
Rep. Mark Kennedy, R-Minn. talks about his proposal to ease traffic congestion with toll roads, and other issues facing Congress. He also takes listener questions.
Kennedy remarks on Iraq
Minnesota 6th district republican Congressman Mark Kennedy talks about his recent trip to Iraq, and the major issues facing Congress this fall.
Tolls for thee, Minnesota?
In the next couple of years, Minnesotans could be paying tolls to use certain metropolitan highway lanes. State and federal lawmakers are considering plans to charge lane fees to relieve congestion and fund new road projects. The proposal is part of a mix of highway development and financing plans announced by Gov. Tim Pawlenty's administration and legislators from both parties.

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