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What DNA may tell us about a convicted serial killer, and the worker unrest behind 'world-class' Minneapolis parks

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

  • Lawyers: DNA tests show Minn. 'serial killer' innocent
    Glaze is serving three life sentences for the murders of three American Indian women in Minneapolis in 1986 and 1987. Kathleen Bullman, Angeline Whitebird Sweet and Angela Green were raped, murdered and mutilated in similar ways, leading police to search for a serial killer.
  • Innocence Project leader discusses Billy Glaze
    The Innocence Project has been looking into Glaze's case since 2004. Yesterday, they asked the court to reconsider its decision. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with attorney Ed Magarian, who's working on the case.
  • Behind 'world class' Minneapolis parks, worker unrest simmers
    When a national conservation group named the city's park system the nation's best for the second straight year, leaders of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board saw it as validation or hard work. It's workers see things differently.
  • State takes over nursing home said to endanger patients
    Ramsey County District Court granted the agency's request to take over the Camden Care Center on Thursday, and new managers were on site Friday afternoon. The nursing home cares for about 67 patients, many of whom have behavioral issues including psychiatric disorders.
  • Are Minnesotans fighting in Syria?
    The FBI looking into those claims after the Voice of America news service broadcasted an interview with a Minneapolis woman who said her 20-year-old brother left for Syria on Thursday.
  • At an old Minnesota oil spill site, scientists discover oil-eating microbes
    Scientists here discovered that bacteria that break down oil are everywhere, ready to go to work. Even in the northern Minnesota woods there are microbes that eat carbon and break down oil. The population of those bugs explodes when there's oil in the ground.
  • Driver of semi that nearly hit girl steps forward, patrol says
    A camera on a school bus near Paynesville shows the truck speeding by even though the bus had its lights on and was displaying its stop arm. Authorities say the truck narrowly missed a girl about to board the bus for school on Friday morning.
  • 7 tips to help plan for retirement
    For this week's Circuit Cents, we discuss the best way to find your retirement number with personal finance expert Sandra Block. You can listen here to what she said.
  • Can capitalism be more inclusive?
    Last week, 250 people worth a total of $30 trillion gathered in London to talk about how the world can make capitalism work better for more people, in an attempt to fix the world's ever-growing income inequality.
  • Taliban video shows handover of US soldier
    The 17-minute video emailed to media, shows the moment of Bergdahl's handover. He was freed on Saturday after five years in captivity, and exchanged for the five Taliban Guantanamo detainees who were flown to Qatar, a tiny Gulf Arab country which has served as a mediator in the negotiations for the swap.
  • Did Obama make right call in POW deal?
    "Regardless of the circumstances, whatever those circumstances may turn out to be, we still get an American soldier back if he's held in captivity," President Obama said at a news conference. "We don't condition that." He said the U.S. has a "sacred" obligation to not leave service members behind.
  • Alec Soth joins push for St. Paul's creative zone
    The Creative Enterprise Zone features a multitude of creative businesses, including Soth's own studio. The world famous photographer hopes the image will attract attention by initially being a little confusing, but then representing the area.
  • Ol' Lester feels his oats: Fargo recap #9
    Molly tries to set Bill straight, but he remains willfully obtuse. Plus Lester finds his groove, Malvo settles his accounts, and a year goes by.
  • Social media giving suburban bears undue attention
    Bears typically do not stay in the metro, but are passing through the river corridors to find natural habitats after hibernation, she added. They get sidetracked by food sources in people's yards or around their houses.

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