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Shall we put the sewage in your basement, or this pretty lake? Also, divided doctors on e-cigs, and resurrecting the 'snowbate'

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

  • Flooding, lake sewage releases: What we've learned
    There's an ick factor to the storms that swept across Minnesota this weekend. Torrential rain dropped as much as five-and-a-half inches in parts of the state by Monday morning. That caused sewer overflows into Lake Minnetonka that have already closed beaches. But experts say that's supposed to happen.
  • Doctors divided on e-cig advice
    The use of e-cigarettes is moving ahead of definitive scientific proof of benefits or harm, observers say. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has just started the process to decide how to regulate the e-cigarette industry.
  • Why small films are getting made in Minnesota
    Aiming to lure more filmmakers to Minnesota, state lawmakers last year resurrected the "snowbate" program which provides rebates to film companies for 20 percent of what they spend in the state -- and 25 percent if they shoot outside of the Twin Cities metro area. Most of the film crews coming to the state are heading to northeast Minnesota.
  • Apple, Mayo make an app for mobile health
    Apple's new mobile operating system, iOS8, features a program that can collect and track health metrics of users with the ability to share to other apps and a patient's doctors.
  • Bergdahl no pal to former Minnesota soldier
    The need to exchange five allegedly dangerous detainees in for Bowe Bergdahl is becoming more mysterious with each hour since the weekend exchange with the Taliban. It's not often the yellow ribbons go up for someone being increasingly described by former colleagues as a "deserter."
  • Bergdahl's release was sketchy until the end
    According to a State Department official directly involved in the negotiations in Doha, U.S. officials who had holed up in the embassy for three straight days thought the final days of negotiations with the Taliban's political leadership, through Qatari intermediaries, had gone pretty smoothly. But uncertainties remained.
  • The missing Rainier climbers may never be found
    The identities of the two guides from Seattle-based Alpine Ascents International were released on its website Monday. The company and Mount Rainier National Park have refused to release other names, citing privacy issues, but family members and colleagues have released details on three other climbers.
  • MPR Top Coast Festival: Mark Leibovich on 'This Town'
    MPR's Tom Crann interviews New York Times magazine reporter Mark Leibovich about his best-selling book about Washington politics, media and celebrity, "This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral--plus plenty of valet parking--in America's Gilded Capital."
  • Fact, fiction, truth and the 'Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo'
    For more than 20 years Bemidji writer Kent Nerburn has walked a fine line, trying respectfully to explore Native American culture as a white author.He spoke with Euan Kerr about his latest book, "The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo."
  • Coal states got lighter emission restrictions in new EPA rules
    If Kentucky, for example, meets the new limits that the Obama administration proposed Monday, it would be allowed to release more heat-trapping carbon dioxide per unit of power in 2030 than plants in 34 states do now.
  • Minnesota may need to cut emissions by 40 percent
    Despite generating more renewable energy in recent years, Minnesota could need to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions from power plants significantly by 2030 under the proposed EPA rules.
  • How will humans respond to life in a hotter world?
    An Iowa State University researcher has created a formula that says each additional degree of warming increases the rate of violent crime (homicides and assaults) by 4.19 cases per 100,000 people.
  • Will America get bowled over by cricket? Immigrants drive growing popularity
    "When soccer first started here, people said it's not going to go anywhere -- American football is the thing,: said John Aaron, executive secretary of the American Cricket Federation. "Soccer has not replaced American football, but it has certainly taken off now, hasn't it?"

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