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5 Guardsmen hurt in Afghanistan, the debate over smart phone kill switches, and why would you polar plunge?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

  • 5 Minnesota Guard members injured in Afghanistan
    There are few details, but the five are from the 849th Mobility Augmentation Company based in Litchfield. They were injured during an attack on a base in Kandahar Province on Monday.
  • Klobuchar makes the kill switch an issue
    The senator says the ability to remotely disable a stolen phone would deter theft and protect users' data. But critics say such technology won't work -- and could have some bad consequences.
  • Next arctic assault surges south
    Gusty northwest winds from 20-45 mph are picking up the loose chicken feather snowflakes that fell last night. The result? More blizzard and wind chill warnings around the state.
  • Why would you polar plunge?
    Speaking of the deep freeze: We're kicking off a series of stories about the unusual, entertaining and downright risky things Minnesotans do in the depths of winter. Like polar plunging.
  • Apostle Isle ice caves reachable by foot
    "For the first time since 2009, the coastline of Lake Superior has frozen hard enough that people can venture out onto the ice and into the sea caves that line the shore near Wisconsin's Apostle Islands," Boing Boing's Maggie Koerth-Baker writes.
  • Green Line light rail service to start June 14
    The $957 million project is on budget. Even though the line has not opened, the project has spurred about 100 development projects totaling a $1.7 billion investment along the corridor that have been built, planned or are under way, according to the Met Council.
  • MIA connects 'sacred' past with 'spiritual' present
    That word "sacred" made contemporary art curator Elizabeth Armstrong nervous at first. She wasn't sure if it would be relevant. But she realized the secular world that we live in today is actually really hungry for a connection to the sacred.
  • Wisconsin cheese to the rescue: Surprising spray melts road ice
    This winter, a Wisconsin county is fighting icy roads with a homegrown product: liquid cheese brine. Tens of thousands of gallons of the stuff are used each year along with road salt, according to officials in Polk County. And it works.
  • Lawsuit dismissed, Vikings stadium builders must close finance gap
    Stadium opponent Doug Mann's plea to the Minnesota Supreme Court earlier this month was the legal equivalent of a Hail Mary pass -- a last minute, long shot attempt to beat the Vikings in court.
  • Security expert: Criminals can easily create payment card clones
    Thieves could buy everything needed to create fake credit cards -- a card reader, writer, printer and embosser -- for about $1,500. They could buy the devices online, or directly from manufacturers.
  • Survey: Fewer young Minnesotans smoking, drinking
    The survey found that alcohol consumption, marijuana use and smoking was down among ninth graders.
  • Dayton questions Capitol's Civil War artwork
    Dayton also questioned the tradition of hanging portraits of former governors lining the walls inside the Capitol. So far, all the state's governors have been white males. Dayton said he doesn't see the relevance of the portraits.
  • Today's proof the Internet is real: 18-year Minnesota mystery solved
    When Janna Holm's grandmother, Dorothy died from cancer in Shakopee 18 years ago, she left behind a small stack of index cards covered in coded letters. Janna tried to decode them as a kid, but she says she didn't get anywhere.
  • Target to drop health insurance for part-time workers
    Company officials say offering part-time workers insurance could make many of them ineligible for federal subsidies that could reduce their cost of coverage.
  • U of M ramping up security after campus crime spike
    The university added three officers to its police ranks. It's also adding dozens of new security cameras, extending hours of shuttle bus services, and rolling out key-card access to all university buildings.
  • Historic Dinkytown buildings up for demolition
    Minneapolis' Heritage Preservation Commission votes today on whether to recommend a permit to demolish two commercial buildings in the Dinkytown neighborhood to build a six-story hotel.
  • Prosecutor: Woman lied about men in al-Shabab
    Prosecutors say a Tennessee woman who lied to a grand jury in 2009 about knowing men who left Minnesota to join a terrorist group in Somalia had actually warned the men to be careful in case the FBI was listening.
  • Whole Foods bans produce grown with sludge
    Whole Foods recently decided it would not buy produce from farmers who use treated sewage sludge, also known as biosolids, on their fields. But scientists say this is a mistake; the material is safe and benefits the environment in lots of different ways.
  • Obama and Pope Francis set a date
    The March meeting during Obama's European trip will be the two men's first face-to-face encounter, but Obama has carefully followed the pope's progress since Francis took charge of the Roman Catholic Church 10 months ago.
  • IQ2 debate: 'Obamacare is now beyond rescue.'
    Four experts tackle the Affordable Care Act in a new debate from the Intelligence Squared US series. The motion is, "Obamacare is beyond rescue."

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