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What's a bombogenesis? Also, beer and hymns for Jesus, and Collin Peterson's political future

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

  • Bombogenesis: What it is, what it does
    It's a "rapidly intensifying storm." The conditions that set one off: According to, "bombogenesis typically occurs between a cold continental air mass and warm ocean waters or between a cold polar air mass and a much warmer air mass."
  • Arctic sideswipe brings bone chilling cold this week
    Welcome the the coldest two weeks of winter historically in Minnesota and the USA. It's not a big shock to see sub-zero temps on the weather maps this week. This winter is delivering on the promise of arctic cold, and this week will be no different.
  • 'Jesus is calling,' with beer and hymns
    Singing hymns while drinking beer might sound like an unusual church event, but a growing number of congregations are turning to the non-traditional approach to lure new members in the Twin Cities and in cities across the country -- and in Fargo.
  • What will Peterson do?
    Since 1991, U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, a gun-owning, guitar-playing conservative Democrat, has represented Minnesota's 7th District in the U.S. House. Peterson, the state's longest serving member of Congress, hasn't yet announced whether he will run for re-election this year.
  • Target data breach: A cross-border connection?
    A South Texas police chief said says two suspects arrested at the Mexican border are part of the Target data breach scam. But federal officials say there's no connection between the two.
  • Former legislator Winston Borden dies
    Over a year ago, he was diagnosed with cancer and documented his experience and things seemed to be looking up until a month ago when he stopped posting, except for one a week or so ago in which he announced he was going back into the hospital for more tests.
  • Northstar train strikes, kills pedestrian
    Authorities say the gate arms at that intersection were down at the time when the train struck and killed the man. The train stopped a short time later. Passengers were taken by bus and other trains to their destinations.
  • 2 dead in Omaha plant explosion
    The search for bodies in the crippled International Nutrition plant progressed slowly Monday, but the death toll wasn't likely to get bigger.
  • 4th body pulled from Mississippi after crash
    Recovery crews had talked about giving up the search for the fourth victim of a Mississippi River crash until spring just before they found his body.
  • Minneapolis focuses on 13 struggling middle and elementary schools
    Educators are customizing core instruction based on student needs and sending more math and literacy specialists to the schools to work with students in small groups.
  • 2 Minnesota-made films competing at Sundance
    "Dear White People" is about the biracial student president of an all-black college residential hall. "Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter," has an odd connection to "Fargo."
  • Lawsuit over park near Vikings stadium dropped
    The 400 million dollar development is expected to include two office towers, parking for the stadium, housing and a public park.
  • Obama: Marijuana is not 'More dangerous than alcohol'
    The president told The New Yorker magazine that he thinks it's a "bad idea" but is not more dangerous than alcohol to the "individual consumer."
  • Sex abuse files on 30 Chicago priests made public
    The Archdiocese of Chicago, one of the largest and most influential in the U.S., handed over last week more than 6,000 pages of documents to victims' attorneys.
  • Oxfam: World's richest 1 percent control half of global wealth
    The Oxfam report largely mirrors findings of several other studies in recent years that have documented growing income inequality in the U.S. and across the globe.
  • Hunting for a 'Black Widow' in Sochi
    "She was reportedly spotted in downtown Sochi, which is supposed to be under heavy security in the run-up to the Winter Games. It wasn't clear how the woman was able to get through the security cordon around the city, or why police have been unable to locate her," NPR's Corey Flintoff reports.

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