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Want to host the Super Bowl? Build a stadium first, Goodell says

by Phil Picardi, Minnesota Public Radio,
Hart Van Denburg, Minnesota Public Radio

Oct 8, 2012

Today on the Update: Premature talk about hosting the Super Bowl, the latest tussle over voter ID involves the military, Kurt Bills tries to chip away at Amy Klobuchar's voter base, and the Lynx are going to the WNBA finals again.

TOO SOON? Now that the Minnesota Vikings have won approval to build a new stadium, there's talk about the team hosting a Super Bowl. Too soon for that kind of talk - since stadium plans are still in their infancy? Yes, the NFL's commissioner said Sunday. Get the stadium built first.

WINNING STREAK: Speaking of the Vikings - they're on a bit of roll. Goodell got to see Percy Harvin score one touchdown rushing and another receiving to help the Vikings keep a commanding start to the season with a 30-7 victory over the Titans on Sunday. It was their first three-game winning streak in almost three years.

BILLS RATCHETS UP THE RHETORIC: Was Sen. Amy Klobuchar part of a "Mafia-style protection racket" during the federal government's successful bailout of U.S. auto makers? That's the kind of rhetoric now being used by Klobuchar's Republican challenger, Kurt Bills, as he seeks a way to reverse poll numbers that show him trailing the senator in her re-election bid.

THE PATRIOTISM CARD: Organizers behind the proposed voter ID amendment to the state's constitution say focus group tests prompted them to launch an ad featuring a 91-year-old World War II veteran and prisoner of war, who talks about defending the nation and its ideals by supporting the amendment.

JOIN THE DEBATE: We've launched a special debate page on the MPR website for the proposed voter ID amendment, where columns from those on either side of the question are posted, and commenters can weigh in with their own thoughts. You can join the debate here.

VOTING EARLY? President Barack Obama dominated early voting in key states four years ago, giving him a big advantage over Republican John McCain before Election Day even arrived. This time around, GOP challenger Mitt Romney is trying to chip away at Obama's advantage.

MORE MUSCLE: Romney is also trying to make some inroads on Obama's polling advantage when it comes to foreign policy, and plans a big speech later today at the Virginia Military Institute outlining how his global view differs from the president's. He's expected to call for more American muscle in the Middle East and elsewhere.

GRIM MILESTONE: While politicians talk about foreign policy, U.S. troops are living it. Lisa Freeman was cradling her 6-day-old grandson in her left arm and watching the news on her iPad while her daughter and son-in-law caught some much needed sleep. The retired teacher was taking notes with her free hand when she heard the news: The nation had suffered its 2,000th casualty in the Afghan war.

POLICE FIND MEDS IN SHOOTER'S HOME: A police search of the home of Accent Signage Systems shooter Andrew Engeldinger found medications commonly prescribed for depression and insomnia, according to a Minneapolis Police Department report -- an indication that he may have been treated for mental illness.

MORE WINNERS: The Lynx are going to WNBA finals again. Simon Augustus scored 21 points, Maya Moore added 20 and the Minnesota Lynx held off the Los Angeles Sparks 80-79 on Sunday, advancing to finals to defend their title.

WHY DO WE STILL HAVE COLUMBUS DAY? That's what Bob Collins is asking this morning on News Cut. His conclusion: "Because the Italian American vote for politicians is still important."

ART IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: Zhoosh, like many artists, is particular about his tools. He prefers card stock to paper and finger paint to acrylics. And sometimes he's just not in the mood to be creative. Oh, and Zoosh is a sea otter at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth.

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