Mayo Clinic

April 2013

The Mayo Clinic is proposing a 20-year, $5 billion investment plan to make its flagship campus in Rochester, Minn., a "Destination Medical Center." The clinic would invest $3.5 billion in capital improvements, and expects an estimated $2.1 billion in additional private investment. The plan originally asked state taxpayers to contribute more than $500 million to pay for public improvements like parking, transit, utilities, skyways and public meeting spaces. But a revised plan lowers the overall state contribution by hundreds of millions of dollars. It also asks Rochester to more than double its share of the project through local taxes and allows Olmsted County to authorize new local taxes for a transit line. The proposal is currently under consideration in the Legislature. With about 34,000 workers, the Mayo Clinic already is Minnesota's largest private employer, and it claims the expansion would create some 45,000 new jobs statewide.

Skyline of downtown Rochester, Minn.

Insurers, doctors warn lawmakers: Don't tinker with insurance rules to aid SE Minn.

A big reason rates are so much higher in southeast Minnesota is because of the Rochester-based Mayo Clinic.

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The Mayo Clinic calls its initiative the "Destination Medical Center," and has launched a separate website to garner support for the project.

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Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit health care system, based in Rochester, Minn., with an international reputation. It provides health care services to more than one million patients each year at its clinics in Rochester, Phoenix and Jacksonville, Fla. It also conducts research and trains health professionals. Mayo Clinic reports total assets of more than $10 billion.

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