• Death toll reaches 7 in NYC building explosion
    The explosion Wednesday morning in East Harlem injured more than 60 people, with searchers still trying to locate others a day later. Crews used generator-powered floodlights and thermal imaging cameras to identify heat spots -- bodies or pockets of fire -- at the site on Park Avenue and 116th Street.March 13, 2014
  • 2 Minneapolis house fire victims identified
    Firefighters were called to the house at 2940 Washburn Ave. N. shortly after 6 p.m. Tuesday. They found a fire burning in the living room of the single story home there, and quickly extinguished it. They also found a man and woman dead in a bedroom nearby.March 13, 2014
  • Volatile Bakken oil, aging tank cars raise the stakes for Minnesota rail safety
    More loads of volatile North Dakota crude oil are moving over rails, prompting new safety efforts. In Perham, Minn., trains have derailed four times since 1992. Given the never-ending rail traffic that goes through town, local officials fear that it will happen again, with dangerous results.March 12, 2014
  • Minneapolis fire where two found dead apparently accidental
    Investigators suspect smoking materials on a love seat in the living room may have caught fire, but haven't ruled out an electrical malfunction, fire spokeswoman Cherie Penn said.March 12, 2014
  • Excessive speed, pothole suspected in motorcyclist's death
    The state of Minnesota has reported a sharp increase in motorcycle fatalities in the last two years. Preliminary numbers showed rider deaths were up 9 percent, to 60 killed last year. The first died in a crash on April 4, 2013.March 12, 2014
  • 2 NYC buildings collapse in explosion, 2 dead
    An explosion on Wednesday leveled two New York City apartment buildings, killing two people, injuring 17 others and sending smoke billowing above the skyline.March 12, 2014
  • 2 found dead after Minneapolis home fire
    Firefighters were called to the fire at the single-family home just before 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Crews quickly put out the fire in the living room.March 11, 2014
  • Missing jet was way off course, Malaysian air force gen. says
    There's no sign yet of the Boeing 777 with 239 people aboard that disappeared early Saturday while on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. But there's potentially significant news from the head of Malaysia's air force, who's being quoted as saying the jet was hundreds of miles off course when it was last seen on radar.March 11, 2014
  • 3 years on, effects of Japan meltdown persist
    Thousands remain barred from their homes, with no end in sight.The Daily Circuit, March 11, 2014
  • Photos of 2 Iranians on missing jet released
    Interpol says the recent information about the men made terrorism a less likely cause of the plane's disappearance, but that did not allay concerns about the ease of travel involving stolen passports.March 11, 2014
  • After fire, Minneapolis landlord criticized for rundown properties
    When a fire killed five children in north Minneapolis last month, a lot of people began to wonder if the building managed by Paul Bertelson was safe. Troy Lewis, the father of the five children, said Bertelson failed to respond to his complaints that the heat didn't work in his apartment.March 10, 2014
  • How can a jet disappear? In the ocean, it's not hard
    It took two years to find the main wreckage of an Air France jet that plunged into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009. Closer to the area between Malaysia and Vietnam where Saturday's flight vanished, it took a week for debris from an Indonesian jet to be spotted in 2007. Today, the mostly intact fuselage still sits on the bottom of the ocean.March 10, 2014
  • Sleepy Eye superintendent: Our community is grieving
    Cselovszki said Sleepy Eye is having a hard time dealing with the tragedy. "I'll be honest with you -- it's very tragic and unique. We have students and the students' parents are our staff. So we have two staff members that are grieving -- as well as we've lost two former students."March 10, 2014
  • Minn. teen dies after running from busted party
    Authorities in west central Minnesota have identified a high school student who died after apparently fleeing from police at a weekend party.March 10, 2014
  • Fate of Missing Malaysian Airlines jet still a mystery
    Nearly three days after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, there's still no definitive trace of the Boeing 777 or the 239 people who were on board.March 10, 2014

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